Monday, May 14, 2012

They Say It's Your Birthday!

Today, my husband turned 27.

Without being mean, I have to say that that sounds super old. Also I should point out that I will be turning 27 in July myself, so I can say that. When I was younger I always imagined that 27 was the age I would have my shi*t together. Like it just seems so much more of an "adult" age than 26. 

But regardless, Steve is pretty amazing as far as husbands go. So in honor of the anniversary of his birth, I decided to compile a list of the "27 Most Awesome Things About My Husband." These are in no particular order, so don't get all upset that the schmultzy stuff is mixed in with things that have to do with television and other very important elements in a relationship. 

1. He cleans up very well. Not that he's not handsome all the time, but the man looks good in a suit.
2. In college he would always wake up early on snow days and go out and brush off my car. He still does this and often helps other women in the parking lot that are struggling. Either he's super-chivalrous or he's found a new way to prey on vulnerable women.
3. He literally keeps me alive, because he makes my lunch and dinner everyday. Sometimes breakfast too. And all of it tastes good.
4. He is the best housewife a girl could ask for. Way better than I'll ever be. In addition to cooking, he is a whiz at laundry. He gets my whites whiter then they have ever been before. He also hates when I tell people that, but I'm so in awe that I can't help it so I tell everybody.
5. He has had the same group of friends since middle and high school. The camaraderie between this group of guys is amazing and creepy at the same time. Seriously- they should be studied.
6. He is an excellent male nurse and takes really good care of me when I'm sick. Sometimes he even brings me flowers, but I think he just does that to distract me from the nasty Theraflu he's always trying to get me to drink.
7. He's very polite. He opens doors for ladies and always helps people in the parking lot when they need to jump start their cars. Even if those same people continue to hit our cars with their doors.
8. He wears striped polo shirts and boat shoes like no other.
9. He deleted the Stanley Cup championship games off our DVR before we went on a trip to make room for all my recordings. That is love.
10. He's very smart. Every time I question the location of a country he always knows where it is. Although he also writes down what I said because supposedly he is working on a "Lindsay" map that is a more accurate portrayal of where I think things are.
11. He's gotten me to try food that I never would have looked at before. Although I'm still iffy on the whole squash thing.
12. He remembers things I say I want to the point that I forget about it, so he always gives very thoughtful birthday and Christmas gifts.
13. He can name every city that held the Olympics for the past 50+ years. I know because I quizzed him on them once we lost use of the radio driving to Quebec.
14. He writes very thoughtful cards (and thank you notes!). He always buys me one serious card and one funny one.
15. He calls me pet names like "Little Lady" and "Tiger Lily." But he balances out the cuteness by sometimes also calling me "Frumpy" or "Crumby."
16. Family is the most important thing to him. That's just nice.
17. He is an old soul, which apparently is a nicer way of saying "old man trapped in a young person's body." He was visibly upset when he found out PanAm was cancelled, because it "reminded him of the life he should have had." Whatever that means.
18. He tells me that I'm going to be a good mother someday, even though there are many many times that I'm not so sure.
19. He let me use one of his socks for my sock bun. And by "let," I mean he didn't know I was taking it and was really mad when he found out I cut the toe off a perfectly good sock that still had a match.
20. He makes award-winning chili. Which I wouldn't know, because I haven't actually eaten it.
21. When I get really stressed out, he writes "calm down" on all of my to do lists.
22. He has gotten me semi-interested in and actually able to converse about a sport. My father almost died from shock when I was able to name the Bruins players that were injured this season.
23. He makes cookies and cupcakes and other treats for me to bring to work. Once I volunteered him for a charity bake sale and I left the cookies he made at our apartment. He drove all the way to my work to (angrily) bring them to me.
24. He is a very snazzy dancer. I am terrible, but because of him we were able to fool the people attending our wedding that we were sort of okay.
25. He really values his health and motivated himself a few years ago to lose the 40 pounds of beer/late night eating/college weight on his own. Although now I hate him a little bit because sometimes I think his waist looks better than mine.
26. He tells me I'm pretty every day. Even when I look totally gross.
27. In general, he puts up with me blogging about him, posting everything he says on Facebook, and taking pictures of everything we do. And he very seldom complains. And I love him for it.

Thank you for everything.

 us, circa college 2007

us, circa wedding day 2011



  1. I don't know if I'm just emotional because I haven't had coffee yet this morning or if it's just this adorable list but I totally teared up a little. You two are so sweet together.
    Nicole :)

    1. Wow. Thank you- no one has ever said that to me! Usually it's "he is so sweet and you should thank the lord everyday that he's your husband." Which I full understand the truth to, but I do think he's pretty great myself. Now go get some coffee!


  2. Lindsay, I love this blog. Not only are you a phenomenal writer, but the content is awesome. The funny thing is when I read all about Steve I swear I am reading about Nick! They are so similar in many ways....and afterall they both are half Italian and Greek. I hope to be reading your articles in some magazine someday. You certainly have the talent. Best, Lori

  3. So lovely of you to compile a list, enjoyed reading it!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab weekend Hun xoxo

    1. Thanks, Adele! I will definitely check out your blog!