Wednesday, February 19, 2014

You Better Work: Week Forty Four

It may not seem like it, given my lack of weekly fashion recaps, but I have actually been keeping up with my daily outfit photos ever since returning from the holidays. You can check out my last installment here

Here we are now at week forty four- hard to believe it's this close to a year!


j.crew skirt/ny & co top/c wonder skirt & necklace/rocketdog pumps

By now you know I can't resist a nautical ensemble, even in the winter. I try to wear this necklace as often as I can, because I wanted it so bad and it was an amazing sale find. It just only goes with so many things, and also, it's loud. Like you can hear me when I'm coming down the hall loud. Sometimes I feel like a dog with a very jingly collar. Hey, fashion is all about make a statement, no? I guess sometimes the statement is, "HERE I COME!!!"


old navy sweater/j.crew skirt/target flats/jewelry sale necklace

Have you noticed that despite winter's refusal to vacate the premises, I am still trying to pretend it's almost spring with my outfits? Joke's on you, because this is actually a wool skirt. It still won't stop me from wearing this pastel flower necklace, which I picked up from the semiannual underground jewelry sale that my friend Jaimie's uncle has in Rhode Island. We're talking tables and tables of jewelry for mere dollars, and they're all from places like Talbots, Lord & Taylor, etc. I mean, you have to show up with cash at an industrial park on a random weekday morning, but still, totally worth it.


old navy coat & flats/j.crew sweater/tj maxx pants/kate spade hat & bracelets

Is there a better time to wear a new Kate Spade cloche than on National Hat Day? I think not. I was so excited to receive this gorgeous chapeau as a Christmas gift, that I was totally overwhelmed as to what to wear it with. It's a very light tan with a black ribbon, accented by a gold stud. Sounds like on paper that it would go with anything, but the task was far more daunting in real life.


forever 21 sweater/old navy jacket/j.crew skirt/express tights/payless booties/ily couture earrings

I may have a small obsession with this moto jacket/girly pink + polka dot combo, as this is very reminiscent of an outfit I wore just the week before. But seriously, I cannot believe how long it has taken me to acquire this style of jacket. It's just so versatile! (The fact that it was only $27 didn't hurt either.) And yes, I was told that I could totally wear this cheeky sweater to work (as long as you know, it wasn't like a board meeting or something) and it's now probably one of my favorite pieces that I own. I will literally wear it with anything, whether it's a flirty skirt or skinny jeans. 


c wonder sweater/banana republic top/j.crew pants/old navy flats

Listen, it takes work to try to put together these outfits everyday. Some are winners, some are less than, but one thing's for sure- by Friday, I'm a little spent. And more often than not, my outfit of choice when I haven't prepared anything ahead of time are these polka dot chambray skimmers and some sort of sweater. When you work at a whaling museum, a graphic top like this always makes sense. 

Thanks for checking in for my week in outfits! More to come next week :)


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It's the Freakin' Weekend, I'm About to Instagram Me Some Fun

I've always wanted to get in on this whole weekend wrap up thing that I see on my blog roll every Monday morning, but I usually haven't gotten myself together enough to compose anything, and let's face it, not every weekend is worth writing about, amirite? Since joining the world of weekenders, i.e., people that actually have weekends off (unlike myself until about a year ago), I have fully come to appreciate that weekends are where it's at. I always dreamed this is how it would be, and it's everything I thought and more. 

You try your best to kill it at work during the week, which sometimes involves eating lunch at your desk or staying well past 5 P.M. Weekends are when you recover, pat yourself on the back for a job well done, accomplish the essentials of every day living that you couldn't bring yourself to do on Wednesday night, and then reward yourself. For some people, it's living it up on Friday and Saturday evening. For others, it's allowing yourself the freedom to not wear pants for 48 hours while glued to a Bravo marathon (damn you, #PumpRules, for all the goodness you have stolen from my soul). Whatever your thing is, you go, girl. Treat yo self. You earned it.

This weekend was a doozy because it was Valentine's Day + blizzard + Monday holiday. Which in turn resulted in a bevy of Instagram moments that I have compiled here for your viewing pleasure: 

l to r:

  • Started the weekend off with a Valentine's #Pinterestfail attempting this heart bun for work on Friday. Thank you to The Beauty Department for convincing girls like me that they can totally replicate everything they pin. I can't wait to see how that ombre glitter mani turns out.
  • Steve and I agreed not to exchange V-Day gifts, as he reminds me that he buys me things all of the 364 other days of the year and doesn't need a made up holiday to confirm that he is a good husband. While I agree, it was still exciting to get this "@" necklace from Danielle Stevens Jewelry from my mother-in-law that day in the mail. 
  • Although I need absolutely nothing in the wardrobe department (and yet, everything), I couldn't resist the Milly & Grace blow out sale. I had been eying this Kirribilla Lucy dress since the summer, but couldn't justify the $410 price tag (especially when you already own approximately 100 dresses). I couldn't say no when I found it on the $40 rack on Saturday in my size. I also picked up a super thick winter skirt for only $10!
  • Spent a few hours at the museum on Saturday supervising a documentary film crew. I know, going into work on the weekend usually = bleech, but stuff like this hardly feels like work. Also I ran into Emily who was brave enough to visit the island during a storm for her birthday. Love that the Boston Blogger connection can extend thirty miles out to sea!
  • We had a low key Valentine's on Friday night, and by low key, I mean I was fighting a never-ending cold and fell asleep before Steve even had a chance to make dessert. Fortunately, he agreed to make it for me on Saturday, and boy am I glad I stayed awake. A warm peanut butter chocolate chip cookie + vanilla ice cream + melted Hershey bar + Reese's Pieces = perfect dessert to be snowed in with.
  • Awoke on Sunday morning to the snow that everyone freaked out about. Seemed like when all was said and done, Nantucket only got like five inches (child's play once you've lived in New Hampshire).
  • After church, we explored downtown, which by noon was melt city, yet still beautiful. Snow is way easier to deal with when you drive less than three miles to get anywhere. 
  • With all the snow, you could barely even see what was left of the Broho Elm that was progressively cut down over the past few weeks. 
  • All the wind on this island sure made for some interesting icicle shapes.
  • While Steve recorded his radio show on Sunday, I grabbed my camera and explored some more of snow-covered Nantucket, including some of the historic sites like the Old Gaol, which somehow looked less creepy with a coating of white. 
  • Once Steve was finished with his show, we continued our snow tour out in 'Sconset. It was so weird to me to see snow on the beach, despite having grown up in New England my entire life (I don't usually make a habit of hanging out at the beach in the winter).
  • Snowy boots in sand. Again, weird. 
  • We went over to Sankaty Head Light next, but the wind was so freakin strong that we didn't last long. I snapped one Instagram + one Vine and then bolted back to the car. 
  • I can't stop in 'Sconset without visiting my favorite location, the Union Chapel. I don't consider myself religious, but I still always find the sight of this place to be inspiring. 
  • All of that snow hunting wasn't enough for you know who, so on Monday (which I had mistakenly thought might be a day of rest) we headed out to the Ram Pasture for a light winter hike. I tried, I swear. 
Here's to weekends! And just think- only four more days until we get to do it all again. I can't wait.


Saturday, February 8, 2014

Friday's Fancies: My Heart Will Go Online

I swear I woke up just the other morning with a champagne headache on January 1st, and now it's less than a week until Valentine's Day. Regardless, it's almost that time of year to show the special people in your life how much you care about them. Unless you're my husband, who likes to remind me that every day is Valentine's Day for me, because he cooks me dinner and buys me things all year long. While I appreciate his ongoing displays of affection, there's something about a day focused on my favorite colors, candy and hearts that still makes me smile. Therefore, I have scoured the internet for some of my favorite love-themed picks, perfect for yourself to sport on February 14th or gifts for your lady-friends (because who doesn't love a good Galentine's Day?). 
  • It might be sacrilegious to wear Christian Louboutin flats, but it doesn't stop me from loving this funky footwear.
  • Steve and I aren't ones for super shmultzy cards. This one I found on Etsy is actually probably the most romance I am capable of. 
  • This heart sweatshirt is definitely a favorite among celebs, but that's not the reason I like it. Okay, maybe it is just a little bit.
  • It's no secret I love fun tights. These are great because they are basic on the front, with a little surprise once you turn around. That or this chick put them on backwards.
  • I've looked at this tutorial from The Beauty Department like ten times and I still can't figure out how you're supposed to do this heart hairstyle on yourself and have it look this good. That won't stop me from trying, though.
  • When I go on Etsy, I just want to buy prints of every movie quote and song lyric that I've ever liked. It's kind of a problem. But this Lumineers line is so cute, I can hardly resist.
  • If you don't have a ton of money to spend on holiday decorations, printable garlands are always a good way add some cheer to your home. I have ones for almost every occasion, and I'm especially loving this one from Sarah Hearts.
  • I have two of these interchangeable C. Wonder belt buckles already (with two reversible belts) and I'm kind of obsessed. There are just so many options! 
  • You know I have no business being in the kitchen, however the one thing I can sort of do is bake. I have been wanting to make these conversation heart cookies from Beauty & the Beard ever since I saw them on her blog last year. 
  • What's the purpose of even having a holiday without some festive nail art?
  • Scrabble jewelry is one of my all time favorite things in the history of ever, which makes this XOXO necklace even more droolworthy. 
  • Just when I thought my love for Kate Spade novelty purses had hit its peak, they come out with this adorable little bag.

Sorry, gentlemen, there's nothing really for you in this one. You know it's really for the girls, right? 

Fine, we'll share our candy. But only the gross flavors. 


FYI- I obviously have not received any compensation for the links in this post, or else you would be seeing pictures of me frolicking around with free stuff. I just like all of these things and thought they would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Can't Help Falling in Love with You

Since we're in the throws of a winter that just won't quit, I thought it as good a time as any to share these photos from the gorgeous October wedding in my home state of New Hampshire. Plus with Valentine's Day approaching, what better way to get into the spirit than looking through a gazillion pictures of two people totally in love?

I met the bride Samantha years ago when she was living with my college friend Alisa post-graduation. In addition to being an all-around great girl to hang out with, she also makes the most amazing cakes (I'm serious- she made one for Alisa's birthday one year that was a dead ringer for a Coach bag). When she told me she was engaged, the first question I asked was if she was going to make her own wedding cake! 

Sam and her fiance Ben chose the perfect location for their fall wedding at Church Landing in Meredith, N.H. Avid Scrabble players, I was super excited to break out my wooden tiles once again. 

Congrats to Sam and Ben, and thank you so much for choosing me to capture your day!