Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MMM: A Day Late & Many Dollars Short

Okay, so I went on this whole spiel last Monday about serious blogging, regular series, blah blah blah blah blaaaaaaaaah. And then, I failed. Sorry, I know so many of you were anxiously waiting. It was kind of a crazy week as I was home in New Hampshire cheering on my sister in her most recent pageant endeavor. Therefore this entry is slightly short as I barely spent anytime in a mall this week, which was actually rather nice. 

j crew
sequins- obv a perfect nautical accessory.

j crew 
i love this. however, i do not have a floral pencil skirt, so this needs to happen.

neon khakis. who knew these even existed?

 francesca's collection
perfect mother's day gift?

 j crew
this is literally everything i've ever wanted in a dress. ever.

this jacket is literally dripping in jewels. well, rhinestones at least. you know i don't care.



  1. That garden floral pencil skirt is gorge!!!!! And with stripes - yes, please!

    1. I know. I literally go to J Crew on my lunch breaks. Except I can't go in and buy things, because I would probably be divorced by now, so I just sit on a bench outside and STARE. It's passive aggressive window shopping.