Monday, May 21, 2012

MMM: The Finer Things

I'm sure you've been anxiously waiting for a Mall Madness Monday post, considering last weekend any mention of shopping/spending money/lusting after things I clearly don't need was waived in honor of Steve's birthday.

But now that that's over, let's get back to the stuff. We love stuff. 

christian dior via nordstrom
okay, clearly i will never own these shoes in my lifetime. my shoe collection for the next twenty years will most likely not equal half of what they cost (which is $660, in case you are wondering), but lately my favorite thing to do on break is to make the trek to the "fancy" wing of the mall, get a snickerdoodle from nordstrom's ebar and look at ridiculously expensive shoes while i try not to get crumbs on myself. 

crate & barrel
why someone didn't think of stackable wine glasses sooner, i don't know. all i know is it's hard to stack regular wine glasses, so this is a lifesaver. especially after all the wine.

banana republic
okay, so the main thing i like about these wedges is that when they're all lined up next to each other, there is a sweet nautical effect. but i also think these look really comfortable, which based on the wedges i've had in the past, the strap are always unfortunately... not.

forever 21
i just love the effect of all these pointy bangles stacked together. also i'm a fan of any jewelry that double as a form of weaponry.

sam edelman via nordstrom
these are also from my cookie/shoe fetish lunch hour tour, but a good fraction of the price of the pink dior's. still, way more money than i can spend on shoes. and yes, they are also spiky. i don't know what it is, but slightly dangerous accessories are just calling to me lately.

banana republic
i know it's hard to get the full effect because a.) it's a wrap dress on a hanger and not a person, and b.) stupid instagram can only take square photos, which is not easy when you're trying to showcase a head to toe look. but just so you can get the full idea, this dress has all my favorite elements: nautical stripes, gold buttons, clearance. yep- this find was only $40 and i passed. because i'm learning a thing called self control. and also i left my $10 reward at home.

the mall is filled with inspirational items perfect for every generic graduation gift you will give this summer. however as a person who graduated college five ish years ago, this one really stuck out to me because it's true. the world is no longer your oyster, kids. it's tough and sometimes it sucks. you can take it for what it is or continue to try to be so good that no one can ignore you. i haven't achieved this yet, but i'm working on it. five years later.

if cinderella were a modern hipster, this is what i imagine she'd use to check up on herself after the birds and other woodland creatures prepare her for the day. 



  1. ugh of COURSE the mirror is from anthropologie.
    Lindsay, Mall Mission - find similar for under $50. k thanks!

  2. Those Dior heels are absolutely gorgeous - perhaps a similar and much more affordable pair exists somewhere!


    1. I know. I'm sure I can find a similar syle pink peep toe pumps for a fraction of the price, but the thing that I was drawn to about these is just how beautifully made they are. I have never coveted an expensive pair of shoes because I am a crazy bargain hunter who buys shoes that fall apart in a year. But once I touched these and felt how soft they were I finally got what the difference was. And now I'll never be the same...