Monday, May 28, 2012

MMM: Memorial Monday

As if I needed another reason to ogle red, white and blue items, today is Memorial Day. Now obviously Memorial Day is about more than just sporting nautical colors, but it gave me the perfect excuse for another themed Mall Madness Monday post. 

The mall is chocked full of all kinds of deliciously patriotic duds. And I of course have a sixth sense for spotting them. 

j crew

sigh. i may have mentioned i want red pants. did i mention i love red pants? i need red pants. 

tory burch via nordstrom

this display makes me wish i had three feet.

j crew people keep telling me i should have a baby, and after seeing this, i'm starting to think they're right.

j crew

this is a little ridiculous in person. but that's part of the reason i love it. also i've always wanted the one behind it too.


oh geez. i was alerted of this new makeup collection last night. i obviously want everything. however- slightly deceiving, as most of the nautical flair is in the packaging, not the makeup itself. 

kate spade via nordstrom

i've slowly started to allow yellow into my nautical wardrobe. i like this because it reminds me of one of those flags.


this is clearly a bra made for a fourteen year old. but it and it's matching undies are totes adorbs.

j crew

it's like j crew knew that i had no extra money this summer, and put out all this anchor stuff just to toy with my emotions.

kate spade via nordstrom

i know, this doesn't seem like anything special on the hanger. but it's kate spade, it's on clearance, and i'm thinking with some proper styling it could be very kate middleton canada debut, no?


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