Sunday, May 27, 2012

I Got My Rock Jewels

Remember when I went to the Blog Better Boston conference and had an amazing time and met lots of cool people? Well I also got a pretty sweet swag bag. Granted, there was stuff in it like maple champagne mustard that I didn't care for but Steve happily accepted on my behalf, but there was also a super secret gift card for a jewelry website that I had never heard of. It was super secret because it was just a tiny pink square that in no way resembled a gift card. 

So I was super excited when I got home and after some sleuth detective work that it was worth $50!!! Most of you know by now that my entire jewelry collection doesn't equal $50, so this was a big deal for me. However, this is high quality stuff- we're not talking $3 rings here. So I had to be selective.

I spent quite a long time scouring the In Pink website for the perfect pieces. I think I literally looked at every single bracelet, ring, necklace and earrings until I couldn't see straight. As a girl who has been specifically asked repeatedly to not buy another piece jewelry, the task of choosing something for totally free was almost more pressure than I could take. 

I am super into gold jewelry right now, so I knew I was leaning towards something chunky and fabulous. I tried to branch out into bracelets, but earrings and rings are kind of my thing, which is how I ended up with my official choices. 

I would also like to point out that shopping for jewelry online is way more difficult than I thought (I know, #firstworldproblems in the highest degree). I clearly have self-diagnosed myself as an addictive shopper, so I get a rush from the thrill of holding something in my hands and figuring out the fastest way to the the cash register, then scheming as to how I'm going to smuggle it into my apartment later, sans husband catching me. Also it's really hard to tell on the web whether or not something is going to look cheap cheap or ghetto fabulous. 

So I was crazy excited when my package finally showed! I say finally because I feel like I was waiting forever because it didn't arrive super fast, but it was also free shipping so I am really not allowed to complain. 

Like so many other women, I can be won over really easily with impressive packaging. I almost fainted when I opened the carton and this beauty was waiting for me inside:

additional jewels are always welcome.

As I carefully unwrapped my baubles, I wondered if they would look as fabulous in person as I had built them up in my head.

And they did!

hello, girls.

I finally settled on the Turquoise Stone Open Circle Earrings and the Turquoise Faceted Stone Hammered Gold Stretch Ring. See I'm also kind of obsessed with turquoise right now, but there is so much hideous turquoise out there that you really have to be selective. I personally prefer the lighter version compared to the tealish variety, which is why I was drawn to these pieces. 

no robin's eggs were harmed in the making of these earrings. 

While I was almost positive I would love my earrings when I chose them from In Pink's expansive website, I was slightly more skeptical about the ring. 


If only because it featured a stretchy band, which is one of my least favorite accessory features. I've always thought that it looked cheap. It almost made me pass on the ring, but I decided that since I wasn't paying anything for it and I loved the stone so much, I would give it a go.

unintentional matching nails

And you know what? I'm glad I took a chance. I still don't love the stretchy band, but no one ever sees it and I've gotten compliments on this ring each and every time I've worn it, which has been a lot.

The earrings are amazing too. They're quickly becoming one of my new staples:

turquoise earrings: the perfect compliment to a white, white neck.

So thank you to BBBos for the swanky swag bag and to In Pink for sponsoring the event. And no, I'm not benefitting in any way from writing this, but if anyone wants to throw any other free accessories my way, I'm totally willing to negotiate. 


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