Tuesday, April 2, 2013

First Week Fashion

I am taking this whole "not having to wear black thing" super seriously. Like almost as serious as my new job itself. 

After spending the last four years dressing like an extra from The Addams Family, I have been, shall we say, embracing my new lack of dress code with full force. That means colors, stripes, patterns, textures- whatever I can put together without looking like Cindi Lauper. I've been Instagramming my daily #ootd (a few people have asked, so let me clarify- outfit of the day) and posting on Facebook, and apparently, people like me better when I can dress like myself. I like me better too. Everyone needs some kind of creative outlet, right? I just happen to wear mine. 

So after a whole week in my new position, I figured it was time for a round up post of my  first five days of fashion freedom. Apparently, I also like alliterations.

Day One (you may have seen this one already):

blazer, top & bag: ny & co/skirt: boutique/shoes: sofft/
necklace: can't remember, some little shop in bath, maine.

This outfit is pretty self-explanatory. Mainly because I already explained it in a previous post. I just felt like this ensemble is me in textile form. 

Day Two:

dress: target/bracelet: forever 21/rain coat &
boots: l.l. bean/flats: old navy/necklace: vintage

When I woke up that day, I was super disappointed to find that it was raining. Raining. On my second day of freedom. Oh well, you gotta work with what you got, right? So I threw on a wrap dress and my L.L. Bean wellies and took off on the harrowing ten minute walk to work. Once there, I ditched the boots for some cute cap toe flats.

Day Three:

blazer & bag: j.crew/dress: forever 21/belt:
ny & co/bracelets: kate spade/boots: payless

This outfit was an experiment in stepping outside my comfort zone. I have always been skeptical of wearing black and brown together. I mean, they are in just two different world's in my book. But I'm trying to be stylishly open-minded, so I gave it a go. I also was super excited to wear this blazer- I got it for Christmas and hadn't taken the tags off yet (there's a lot of that going on in my wardrobe due to previous constraints). Overall, I loved the way this look turned out, and although I don't approve repeating outfits, I may have to work in some of these elements again in the future.

Day Four:

sweater, belt & pants: forever 21/oxford: victoria's secret/bag:
ny & co/flats: gap/necklace: super secret rhode island jewelry sale

I know you're not supposed to love material things, but holy hell, I love these pants. I do, I love them. I just want to wear them all the time. But I'll have to settle for every once in a while because polka dotted pants are pretty recognizable. I don't know if I'm ready yet to be "the girl in the polka dot pants." Also I know that through the wondrous filters of Instagram, no one can really tell what color anything is in real life anymore, but when I tell you this sweater is neon pink, I mean it is neon pink. It's the kind of piece that when someone sees you for the first time that day, their greeting is, "wow! You're bright!" I choose to take that as a compliment, regardless of its intention. I mean, no one has ever come up to me and told me a dress was extra black. The world could use a little more color.

Day Five:

top & scarf: old navy/pants: tj maxx/boots: l.l. bean/watch: aldo/
earrings: ny & co/bracelets: alex & ani, macys

Another day on an island, another ensemble ruined by weather. On my first Friday, I awoke to a winter wonderland (i.e. two inches of snow that had melted by lunchtime) and had to completely rethink my original outfit inspiration. So we went back to the boots. This is definitely the most casual look of the week, but who wants to get all gussied up and traipse around in snow? 

And with that, my first week was over. Easy, right? I will say, it definitely helps your motivation if you feel like you look good. I don't care what anybody says about being better on the inside than the outside- you need to feel good about both. And now that I can wear what I want, I finally feel like a functioning adult in a professional setting. But my typing needs a little bit of work.



  1. Weather outlook seems to be up, at least for the latter part of this week and this weekend. It gives me hope! I love seeing all your outfits on Instagram!! Gives me the inspiration I need to get out of my sweats (working from home, too easy to lounge all day;)

    1. Weather looks good, although here it seems like no matter how nice the forecast is, the biggest problem is the wind! And I'm glad I provided a little inspiration, although some days sweats sound delightful, don't they?


  2. Your outfits are PERFECT. Day one and day three are my absolute favorites. You definitely made a statement at your first week of work. Props to you!


    1. Thank you so much! After having to wear almost entirely black ensembles for over 4 years, I am clearly excited to mix it up with some color. And people seems to really respond to it! Thanks for visiting and I will make sure to check out your blog as well!


  3. Also, when you say "island", what are you talking about.. Long Island? I tried to do some back reading but couldn't find anything..

    1. Whoops! My apologies, I didn't realize I didn't clarify. The island I'm residing on is a little less accessible than Ling Island- I'm on Nantucket!


    2. Dear me! Nantucket! How in the world did you end up there?!

    3. I got a job! I had been searching for over a year and found NOTHING. Just figured why not take a chance on a good opportunity?!