Tuesday, April 30, 2013

You Better Work: Week Five

So week five was a tough/weird/horrible/confusing string of days. I previously shared what I was feeling and thinking during the bombing on Marathon Monday. As awful as that was, I never imagined how the week would end and that I could possibly feel more stressed about what was happening in my adopted state and former city. I don't know why, I just couldn't get any of it out of my head. 

Even my beloved outfit photos suffered. Not only was I distracted, but it just didn't seem appropriate to take outfit photos when there was so much more important things happening. So Monday, no photo. And Friday I was headed back to the mainland, so between leaving work early, getting on the ferry, driving home for two hours and then all this while listening to a friggen manhunt happening in Boston... well frankly, I didn't think anyone gave a crap about what I was wearing. And to be honest, it wasn't that great. I was honestly going for comfort just to get me through the many hours and methods of travel.

So let's focus on something fun for a minute, shall we?


old navy sweater & flats/lacoste polo/forever 21 skirt

So you saw this outfit already, but I wanted to include the details. This was my "day after" outfit. When I woke up that morning, I had no clue what to wear. I mean, I gave up wearing all black when I left my last job, but I certainly didn't feel like wearing my usual cheery pops of color that day. So when I pulled out this sweater that I'm pretty sure was an after-Christmas clearance item, I felt like I had figured it out. It just made sense to me. 


ann taylor cardi/target dress & boots/lulu lemon leggings/kris nations necklace

I know I've been really trying to not repeat outfits, and I haven't... yet. But there are definitely certain pieces that have come into heavy rotation in my wardrobe, and this cardigan is one of them. I love that it's lightweight, and it's a great red orange shade that really pops. This was another day where the weather was ehhh, hence the leggings, boots and no effort put into a hairstyle that day. 


j crew sweater, coat & bag/express shirt/american apparel skirt/old navy shoes

I have been debating back and forth about leopard at the office. Fortunately I have a very relaxed work environment, and depending on how you put it together, I think you can totally class up the Peg Bundy look. Next up... figuring out how I'm going to work in my leopard pumps. And I believe that a good pink coat makes any outfit look even better. 

Next week will be a little lighter, I promise. Thanks to everyone in Boston for being amazing- from my super strong friends to people I don't even know. I felt like I was crumbling on the inside, and I wasn't even there. But it's comforting to know that in scary times, there are good people out there, doing far more important and helpful things than me taking pictures of my outfits.


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