Wednesday, May 1, 2013

You Better Work- Week Six

Okay, so I think this is the last of my catch up for #ootd posts. As the weeks go on, the weather in Nantucket gets slightly nicer, and then a day later reminds you why she's known as the Grey Lady. Meaning it can be gorgeous and sunny, like sit out on a bench on your lunch break beautiful, and then the next day you wake up and you swear you've taken a time machine back to January. So depending on my mood, weather, and how many times I've hit snooze that day, my ensembles vary sometimes from one extreme to another. 


j crew blazer/forever 21 dress & tights/payless boots/kate spade diy necklace

I've expressed before that I'm trying to step outside my color combo comfort zone. I love this orange dress, but I never know how to wear it (other than at Thanksgiving). I remember from my days in Intro to Visual Arts that orange and blue are complementary colors, so I thought I would give it a try. It's a little short, so I definitely wanted to wear tights. It borders on matchy matchy- navy blazer, navy tights. But I wanted to balance out the large amount of pumpkin that was happening. And of course, a few good gold accessories, namely my Kate Spade keychain-turned super awesome necklace. 


forever 21 jacket & necklace/h&m top/tj maxx pants/target boots & umbrella

Hey what a surprise? It rained. I don't know if you notice, but I have a tendency to not wear pants. Not like, Lady Gaga style, more like, I prefer skirts and dresses. I literally own two pair of pants right now that I like that are work appropriate/not black. So needless to say, these red ones have been on a pretty heavy rotation. Also this marks the first time I was rocking my natural hair texture on island, which is sort of partially wavy/partially straight/partially a lion's mane. When I first dry my hair naturally with a diffuser, I swear I look just like Dee Snider. Hence why I hardly ever wear my hair this way. And the crazy thing is, people always tell me that they like it and I always assume they are lying. But like exercising, sometimes you have to give yourself a day of rest. Because let's face it- the only body part I'm working on is my hair.


old navy top, skirt & flats/ny & co belt and necklace

What do you know, that orange and blue combo strikes again. Weird, I didn't even realize I wore the same color scheme a mere days apart until I wrote this post. Also, sometimes you have a moment where you realize what a slave you are to particular brands when you go to describe your look and you're wearing head to toe one store. Whoops. Anyway, this skirt was one of those pieces that I purchased on a whim and had no idea what to wear it with. The color in the skirt (you know, the one that isn't orange) is more of a cream than a white, which goes with almost nothing. I actually put the question out to some blog friends last year and Lisa from Respect the Shoes was the one who suggested a denim/chambray shirt. At the time, I was like, what the hell is chambray? And now? You can't throw a rock in the mall and not hit eight different styles of chambray shirts. 


forever 21 top & necklace/j crew skirt/gap flats/ny & company bag

The weather finally improved to the point that it made sense to wash my hair. I love the pieces of this ensemble separately because they can do so many things. This striped top I bought years ago and I have worn it to death. I mean, how can you not love a gold beaded shoulder pad? And this skirt is probably one of my favorite J. Crew purchases ever (on sale of course). It's a classic shape but with a modern color. I totally fell victim of seeing it on a million other bloggers and was like "oh my God I must have that gimme gimme gimme." Not my proudest moment, but I'm pleased with the outcome. 


shabby apple dress/rue 21 earrings/payless flats

Friday marked the official beginning of Daffodil Weekend, the first time this year that I've seen more than ten people on Nantucket in the same day. The entire island is decked out with daffodils, and people are not at all hesitant to match those very yellow flowers from head to toe. Since I knew I would spend the main part of Daffy Day in costume (more on that later), I knew I had to rock my most yellow outfit at work on Friday. I got this dress at Boutique in Stowe last year for my birthday, and this is only the second time I've been able to wear it. However, that moment was bittersweet, because despite steaming it a solid four times in the morning, it completely wrinkled the moment I sat down, and it continued to accumulate wrinkles the rest of the day. #fashionbummer

And with that, we're caught up to this point, which is week seven, which I can't even fathom. How have I already been on Nantucket for seven weeks? It feels like yesterday, but it also feels like a year ago that I left my old job, packed up my life and stepped on a boat, headed for an island. And yes, I am trying to still not repeat an outfit. Priorities.


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