Sunday, April 7, 2013

I've Been Waiting for Such a Long Time for KS Saturday

A few months ago, I was intrigued when Kate Spade began teasing pics of a new line on Instagram. The only thing initially that we got from these sneak peeks was that the color yellow was involved and it would be called Saturday. I had no idea what to expect, but I had high expectations, as Kate Spade New York is one of my favorite brands. I'm obsessed with their mix of fun and quirky with classic shapes. And it doesn't hurt that all of their pieces have a cheeky little saying on them somewhere.

As more info came out, it seemed that the whole idea behind this line was that it would going to be young, casual and a slightly lower price point. They appear to be releasing new products every Saturday, and each time I look at the site, I discover a new piece. 

I will admit, at first I wasn't blown away. Like I said, I love so many things about the core Kate Spade brand, and this is a completely different concept, so you have to be open-minded. When I first checked out the merchandise, the only thing I discovered that I would remotely want to purchase was a cell phone cover. However, once I continued to check out the site when they added new things, I found more and more things that I thought were cute, and I would totally buy them... if they make it to the outlet or if I get a huge raise, bonus and win the lottery all at once- whichever comes first. 

Check out a few of the pieces I'm particularly excited about. I clearly love the Abstract print and they have it on everything. They even have a pair of PF Flyers, so Steve and I could be that couple and have matching sneaks. I could totally picture myself wearing them, cruising around with Dottie this summer, trying not to kill myself on the cobblestone streets of Nantucket. 

Have you checked out any of the pieces in this new line yet? I mean on the Internet of course, because there are only stores in like Japan or something right now that are carrying this. What items do you like the best? I'm personally not a fan of any of the purses, but I like the concept of designing your own weekender. But the Abstract print is totally where it's at for me. Hell, I would buy a poncho with that pattern if they made it.



  1. Okay, so now you wait for KS Saturday too? Really? We're blog sisters. One time I got the most sparkly beautiful KS dress on sale for $40. Ugh, I just cleaned out my closet yesterday and cried over all of the KS bags that I have that I totally forgot about.
    p.s the cheeky saying keeps me coming back for more!

    1. WE ARE TOTALLY BLOG SISTERS. Or blog conjoined twins. Okay, that's weird. But seriously, Kate Spade is where it's at for me. I used to live within minutes of the outlet. My husband is an amazing KS outlet hunter. He has gotten me amazing things there, and always under $30. He's like the quirky jewelry whisperer.