Thursday, January 10, 2013

Tis a Gift to Be Simple

So apparently it's January. It's probably not the time for any Christmas related post, but that's the thing about the holidays. You have all these intentions of lovely things you're going to do and then you wake up one day and it's 2013. I literally just got all my decorations up like four days before Christmas. According to the Internet, I was supposed to have had everything done December 1st and also have it photographed, Pinned, blogged and Instagrammed. Not only that, but I clearly failed in my attempt at daily posts of the cards of Christmas past. On the bright side, that leaves plenty for next year. Maybe if I start now you'll actually see them by December. 

So I have a slew of holiday merriment to catch up on. Let's start with some sweet Christmas presents, shall we? As I've said before, I do actually love giving gifts to people and wrapping them as well. But it makes me a little crazy that people don't like to admit how awesome it is to get presents too. Admit it- presents rock! And as long as you're nice and pay it forward too then you're totally okay. 

Every year I make a very detailed list of things that I would be happy (but am in no way expecting) to find under my tree. I started when I was a teenager cutting pictures of the things I wanted out of magazine, because as we learned from The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff, sometimes parents just don't understand... what these things are that you want. Of course the Internet has made it way easier to put together a compilation list so it has continued. 

In case you're wondering what this year's looked like, this is the list that I provided (but only when asked. I'm not a total brat).

okay, yes, there's an iPad mini on there. so sue me.

I like to choose things that are a range of prices and some things that have to be ordered online vs. things that a technologically-inept person (sorry, Mom) could get in their car and drive to a store and buy. 

And then of course, there's my husband. Steve prides himself on not buying me ANYTHING off my list. His theory is that he's so amazing (which is kinda true) and listens carefully to me all year when I say I want things that he buys me long after I've forgotten about them.  Then on Christmas morning I'm like, "oh my God I wanted this!" and he sits there all proud and is like, "I know."

This year was no exception. Starting with stocking stuffers. I am the worst at stocking stuffers. I always forget about them until the last minute and then I buy stupid things in a panic that I won't have anything. And just because something fits in a stocking doesn't mean it's cheap, so I often spend too much of my allotted budget on dumb things that just happen to be tiny. Like everything else, Steve is great at picking out small things that I actually need, so if gift giving is a game, he's the clear winner on this one. 

not sure how the gelt fits in there, but i'll take it.

This next one wasn't so much a surprise because I made Steve promise on our not yet conceived first born child that he would take me to see Les Mis or I would return all of his presents. But he's always one for presentation. This isn't even the first time he's given me a decorated envelope.

i think the goal was to look like jean valjean wrote it from a french prison. success.

I always ask for a mix of books and DVD's because I rarely buy them for myself (you know, for fear of exoneration from Count Pennypincher). My struggle is always remembering what I had been wanting to see/read that year. I can't wait to read all of my new books! You know, in my spare time.

say what you want about argo. pitch perfect was the movie of the year.

i'm a bad former english major. can you believe i still haven't read little men?!

Steve refuses to buy me nail polish because he thinks I have a "problem" and doesn't want to feed my "addiction." Luckily I have a sister and a sister-in-law who understand what I'm going through.

bond & butter. my two new favorite things.

Steve always shows how much he truly cares by braving Forever 21 during the Christmas season. Whatta guy. He's also the Jewelry Whisperer of the Kate Spade outlet. 

every writer needs a good pencil necklace.

Speaking of outlets, Steve also scored pretty big at my other favorite, J.Crew. Because now that we're married, we like to brag to each other how little we pay for each other's gifts. If you ask me, that's what true love is really about. Without a bargain hunting husband, there is no way I would ever have acquired my Edie bag:

technically from my in-laws. where steve learned all his couponing skills.

And not one, but two schoolboy blazers:

i always wanted a twin!

If you're wondering how I took these amazing selfies, it's because I also got...

bring on the outfit photos.

A tripod! Now I don't have to beg Steve to take my outfit photos at 10:00 pm when he gets home after I've been alone with my clothes all day. And um for work and stuff too when I photograph things. Obviously I did not get Photoshop, as you can tell by all the hideous things that are happening on my face. Maybe next year. 

Back to outlet shopping. If the Kate Spade outlet didn't exist... well I just wouldn't own anything from Kate Spade. 

the only way i like my punch.

good thing i got this purse to help carry the bags i'm carrying under my eyes.

I'm aware that everything I own is pink. I have to try to obtain as much of it as possible before I turn 30 and I look ridiculous. 

Speaking of that...

maybe i was a candy striper in another life.

I swear it's just not Christmas morning without new pajamas. Yes, I have the same set in flannel as exhibited above (gift from last Christmas) but I think there's something to be said for wearing a matching set to bed. I like to feel fancy even when I am not awake. 

It's not just pink things I coveted this year. I was finally able to quench my thirst for all things leopard as well.

what's new, pussycat?

Before you judge, these are both from Target. Target! I know, I can't believe it either.

Also from Target:

hot chocolate was not included.

I've been slowly building my fancy Christmas "china" (I use that term loosely because I don't know if Target actually carries anything resembling china). I have all the necessary pieces, but then of course this year, they came out with... mugs. Obviously the set could not be complete with mugs. I think I'm done now.

Obviously, I'm also obsessed with this planner I got. I'm thinking about going back to paper vs. technology as far as keeping track of dates and things. I'm going to use woodsy colored pencils to do it, you know, just like the pioneers. 

if you say so.

And my "big" gifts. C'mon, you know what I'm talking about. The one that gets saved for last, maybe sometimes is hidden and brought out only after you thought all the presents were over:

mamma mia.

This first one is from my parents. Ladies and gentlemen, if this doesn't help me, I am out of ideas. My skin is worse now than it was when I was a teenager. I have heard nothing but amazing things about the Clarisonic Mia and surprise! It comes in pink. Together we can take on the world. Hopefully.

And of course, from my husband, who heard me mention once that I thought these were cool and tracked down one from the 1950's that happened to be in perfect condition:

roots before branches.

So in my obsession with all things vintage and hats, I had said previously that I wanted a real hat box. Cause you know, traveling with said hats had become a problem. According to my historical husband, this is technically a "train case." But it's amazing. It's an original Samsonite and it's leather and there isn't a scratch on it. It's also super heavy so that will actually keep the packing to a minimum. I guess some old guy in Virginia had it just hanging out in his attic. And now my old guy has it hanging out in our apartment. 

So all kidding inside, it was an awesome Christmas and I am a very very lucky girl. I don't know what I did to deserve such nice people in my life, but I'm wondering if they're just tired of me complaining about not being able to buy anything and wanted me to shut up. Either way, I'm appreciative nonetheless. 



  1. So i realized today that I've been reading your blog for quite some time now, and yet I never actually set it up to "follow" so I figured I finally would and you could get excited about another follower (even tho I already was but you just didn't know it). I love reading your blog, and it makes me wish we got to know each other better in high school!

    On your Christmass presents - your totally right, Pitch Perfect was amazing! I rented it last weekend and had to run out and buy it the next day so I could watch it again!

    And the Skyfall collection is also equally amazing! I wore Goldeneye to my company Christmas party and I got so many comments on it! I'm really liking Tomorrow Never Dies right now.

    Can't wait to read more, oh and I also love your awards tweets and status updates, it allows me to multitask so much better!


    1. Thank you Kristy! I appreciate the follow :) It's so exciting for a tiny little blogger like me!

      I'm glad that you enjoy the award updates- it's always nice to hear especially when some people tell me it drives them crazy. It's nice to know that others look forward to it! Grammys are Feb 10 and Oscars are Feb 24, so stay tuned :)