Sunday, July 1, 2012

Now They Say It's MY Birthday

I love presents. Yes, I said it. I know that people are supposed to be all humble and like "oh, I don't need any earthly possessions. All the gifts I need are love and happiness and health and that's all." Yes, all those things are great and everyone should have them, but c'mon- getting presents is FUN. There, I said it.

I would also like to point out that I love to give presents as well. And buy fancy cards that my husband says we can't afford. And gift-wrap like I had my own room in Candy Spelling's house. So it's definitely a two-way street. Presents are awesome and anyone who says otherwise is LYING. 

My twenty seventh birthday is looming. In fact, it's exactly a month away (July 31 ya'll!). If you couldn't tell by now that I'm a Leo I don't know why we're even friends. Unless we're not friends yet, then please, stick around.

I decided what better outlet than the blog to transcribe my ultimate birthday list? Before you get all cranky on me, part of the reason I'm doing this is because people are always asking me what I want for Christmas & birthdays, and this just seemed like a good forum in which to present such a list. Also I'm digitally continuing a tradition that I have been upholding with my mom since I was in high school. She would always ask me what I wanted for Christmas, and I started making these elaborate scrapbook style collage lists complete with photos, just in case she had no idea what I was talking about. She saved them all somewhere and would always get comments from salespeople about what a good idea that was.

See? So in thinking of myself, I'm really helping others. 

So in case you were thinking of sending a gift, or if you just want a longer list of the things that Steve has forbidden me from buying for myself, I give you...


Thomas Paul Scrimshaw Plates
I am obsessed with these plates for obvious reasons. Part of the reason that I want this set is because I am already the proud owner of the Moby Platter. I mentioned in a previous Mall Madness Monday post that Steve was in a tizzy over this plate because it was plastic. In fact, these are all plastic. However I think it's the perfect casual set to use outdoors. Do I have an outdoor space? No. Of course not. But I'm thinking of the future/things I want immediately.

Poppy Razzi Collection by Essie
After Nail Polish Inventory 2012, I have basically been forbidden from owning another bottle, which is why I haven't purchased any of these for myself yet, despite the fact I've had at least four Ulta coupons pass me by since these came out. I need these for two reasons: 1.) The name of the collection and the individual colors are all camera-related, and 2.) The candy-colored shades are all perfect pops of summer color.

Most Talkative by Andy Cohen
I don't think it's a secret that I'm mildly obsessed with all things Bravo. This book supposedly gives lots of dirt on the Housewives, which is definitely something I need more of in my life. Also, we didn't do the whole superlative thing in our high school yearbook (too many damn people, I guess?) but I would hope if we did that this would be something that Mr. Cohen and I would have in common. 

This Means War on DVD
I don't care what the critics say, Steve and I saw this in the theater and I loved it. Then again, I'm slightly biased because Reese Witherspoon is my favorite actress of.all.time. I have almost every single one of her movies on DVD (and some on VHS!) so I need this to round out my collection. 

NH State Pride Necklace by Kris Nations
I know I'm technically a Masshole now (driver's license and all) but I will always consider myself to be from the Granite State. There's lots of variations on state shaped jewelry out there, but this I happen to love because of the name spelled out inside. I mean, that's an awfully long name to fit inside such a small state. These ones are available through the Nordstrom's website, which would probably be the least expensive thing I have ever coveted from there.

Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson
I only discovered The Bloggess a few months ago, but apparently Jenny Lawson has been at this for years. Around the time I started reading was when she announced her first book was coming out. Obviously I'm all for supporting my favorite bloggers in any capacity, and releasing an actual book is like a huge deal. Plus she's just super funny and I can't wait to read this.

Perfect Skinny Glitter belt in Gold by Ann Taylor
I'm all about skinny belts lately. Especially if they're claiming to be perfect. I have also been wearing a lot of gold and I think this little belt would be a nice accent for an ensemble. I think I really wanted one from J. Crew but I'm not sure if it exists anymore, at least I couldn't find it using the powers of the Internet. 

Touch Cut Away Tank via Roster
So this tank has been available forever in Roster, but only the Sox version. I am always on the hunt for more girly Bruins things to wear (not a pink hat, but do jerseys have to be so boxy?) and it wasn't until April that I finally saw this version pop up. Probably because I had been personally begging Alyssa Milano to show us a little love. Well maybe it's more cause the B's finally took home the cup. Anyway, this one has to go on the birthday list because I could never spend $60 on a tank top for myself. Well I could, but not even a Bruins logo would convince Steve that that was a worthwhile purchase. 

Initial Signet Ring by Jennifer Zeuner
I have a love/hate relationship with Lauren Conrad, because I am bitterly jealous of all of her success but I love everything she wears. When I saw her sporting one of these monogrammed signet rings I was all like "ahhhh omg I have to have it." I like that it's old school (Prince William wears one instead of a wedding ring!) but I would rock it on my middle finger a la LC and not on the pinky like the leader of an Italian mob family. I would be happy with either and "L" or my full on initials, but again, minorly obsessed with gold at the moment. Also it could really be from anywhere, because this one is almost $200. Maybe if I had LC money this would fly, but I mean, I could get like twenty dresses on clearance for that at Forever 21. 

Top of the Rock by Warren Littlefield
I read something online somewhere (I know, great details here) about this book and I heard it was really interesting. Plus as someone who started watch Friends in fourth grade, I feel like I grew up in the Must See TV era. Also as someone who has a husband that is still quoting Mad About You (which I find utterly confusing as I'm pretty sure we were in like, elementary school at that time) and who makes me watch Wings every morning, I think this book could spawn some interesting conversation topics. Also I love any sort of behind the scenes entertainment tell-alls. Show me your surprised face.

West Avenue Large Monogram Necklace by Max & Chloe
I think it's obvious that when it comes to jewelry, my least favorite mantra is "less is more." Why not have a gigunda necklace of your initials?! Like every blogger in the free world, I discovered this via the fabulous Atlantic-Pacific and now I'm just obsessed. 

Cards Against Humanity via Amazon
If you've never played this game before, you probably have never had real actual fun in your life. Also you're probably a good person. This game is for bad people who know they're going to hell and might as well have fun before their handbasket arrives. It is basically a super-offensive version of my favorite game, Apples to Apples. Make sure to play in a judge-free zone. I tried it once with friends and I absolutely need my own. 

Of course I am in no way implying that I am expecting to receive all of these things or that I need them all. This is just a momentary fantasy in which I'm indulging myself via a birthday wish list. I promise to be less selfish tomorrow.


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  1. Love that skinny belt from Ann Taylor! <3

    By the way, I left a comment on one of your older posts, but I'm not sure if you've seen it, basically I was asking if you would be interested in re-selling me the neon lace top that you got from Nordstrom. I know this may sound a little bit peculiar, but I'm totally serious, I just can't find it anywhere in that color. Please reply even if you're not interested so that I know that you've seen my message. :)