Friday, January 18, 2013

I Feel Pretty

If you've never heard of Style Me Pretty, you are either a.) not married or engaged b.) a boy. SMP is the ultimate wedding blog, as in you will need to set aside a good three hours if it's your first visit. They only feature the most lovely, detail oriented and unique weddings, which is why I was so excited to be able to attend the soiree celebrating their first (I say first because I pray there will be more) book with Liz!

We arrived at Grettacole as the first bottles of bubbly were popped. Saying we were early is an understatement- we were literally the first people there, which pretty much never happens to me, as I am perpetually ten minutes late for life. I do like to be able to capture the details before the crowds arrive, so I snapped some pics while we were waiting for the fun to begin.

the cookies & cream will change your life.

If you're wondering, those are cake truffles. They look like cereal but they taste like the holy grail of desserts. Liz and I may have each eaten more than one. Thank you Delicious Desserts for creating a new obsession. 

After some mingling, SMP creator Abby Larson took the stage- or I guess chair- and did a reading from her hot off the presses book. Afterward, she was nice enough to open up the floor and answer whatever questions the masses had. 

note the immersed iphoners in the background. including me in pink, obv.

I always knew I loved weddings (especially given my roots as a photographer's daughter and an internship with an event planner) but Abby's words of wisdom would inspire anyone, regardless of their affinity for planning out of the box nuptials. As someone who is in a bit of a quarter life crisis, I found myself most moved by her tales of how she started with a simple idea and turned it into not only a business, but her dream job as well. When she spoke about her pre-SMP days, I found myself thinking "omg! I'm going through the exact same thing!" But the difference is, Abby actually got off her butt and did something about it. 

To see for yourself, see how Abby so thoughtfully answered one audience member's question so thoughtfully:

I was so inspired that I jumped at the opportunity to meet her and snap a groupie photo. I just couldn't resist. And she was so nice- after speaking, everyone wanted to meet her and snap photos. I was like in position ready to go, but someone else beat me to it. She looked at me and said "I will come right back to you, I promise," and she did! Like she just seemed like she was genuinely happy to meet every single person that came out to support SMP. Including me!

um, can we be wedding/real housewives besties? okay thanks.

On our way out, Liz and I grabbed our brand new autographed copies of the SMP book. 

Although we could have eaten our weight in cake truffles, we headed out for a late dinner and some girly catch up. 

All in all, it was the most perfect girl's night out. Thanks to everyone at the salon, Style Me Pretty, and Gilt City for an awesome evening!



  1. was it nice to look into your future? ;-) also very appropriate outfit, as usual!

    1. OMG I hope so! And thank you, I got lots of compliments :)


  2. fab recap! and i think we need to do MANY MANY more girly outings :) xoxo