Friday, December 21, 2012

O Christmas Card Part 5

For most families, the fact that the kids start to grow up becomes an obstacle in creating the perfect Christmas card. But not for us. Oh no. Getting older meant it was not just about cute little dresses and poses. This is where we really started to get creative. And by creative, I mean really really embarrassing.


So if you've been round these parts before, this may not be your first time bearing witness to this photo. You see, last December, when I was busy mocking the ridiculousness that is the yearly Kardashian holiday monstrosity, I posted this photo to show that Christmas cards are not about sunken cheekbones and architecture. Unlike the Kardashians, this particular card was meant to show off everyone's personalities. The tagline was: "We're Never Too Busy to Wish You a Merry Christmas!" But you could probably tell that. This is another garage "studio" photo shoot, but this time with a self-timer because my parents made only their second appearance in card history. If you ask me, the props are what really makes this card come alive. From my mother's burnt oven mitt to my father's not one, but two cameras (because no one would have known he was a photographer if he was only holding one camera, obv), and of course, my blue furry purse. I remember my parents took us on a trip to Boston and let us buy one thing, and that was mine. It was from Wet Seal (the epitome of style) and I brought it to school everyday. I was clearly making an attempt to channel my hero, Cher Horowitz, and failing miserably. 


Apparently in the late 90's, not even the Scalera's were impervious to the Calvin Klein effect. Except we, you know, smiled. My mom was always obsessed with the matching denim jacket concept, even if I had to wear my dad's to achieve it. This is also the year that I started taking completely unattainable celebrity hair inspiration photos when I went for a cut. This one was Sarah Michelle Gellar if you couldn't tell, which you probably couldn't because she didn't have an outrageous cowlick. Or maybe she did, and figured out how to work with it, unlike myself who spent many years attempting a center part that was clearly unachievable. I can't even say anything about my sister, because unlike me, she experienced far fewer awkward years. I'm pretty sure her top was from a 90's workout outfit though.


This was another one meant to show off our personal styles, at least musically. That's my karaoke machine microphone and my sister is showing of her trumpet she spent a whole year playing. I remember I curled Becky's hair secretly and my mom was so mad because she hated "drainpipe" curls. My particular hair 'do was modeled after Christina Aguilera from the "Genie In a Bottle" days. Clearly, we're twins. The best thing about this photo (aside form the blue curtain/red walls combination) was that I had a reason to wear my Freshman Reception dress again. I loved that dress. Despite all my awkwardness, I remember feeling pretty when I wore it. It was from Rave and made of velour and shed glitter like a mother. And isn't that what Christmas is all about?

Tomorrow- sweaters and a 20th anniversary celebration you have to see to believe.



  1. Hi Lindsay- Just stopping by to say I throughly enjoyed your Christmas card series...too funny!


    1. Well thank you! Despite embarrassing my entire family I am very happy I shared these memories with you all! I think I'll save the rest for next year... something to look forward to :)

      Thanks for reading!