Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I Keep on Fallin'

So a few weeks ago, the Friday's Fancies theme was asking everyone to put together their fall wish lists. I thought "this is perfect!" because I had been compiling a list in my head for a month of things that I'm pretty sure I need even though Steve won't let me buy them. You know, essentials for the cool weather, like colored jeans or fake leather jackets. 

But did I compile my list to link up first thing that Friday morning? No. Because that would be timely and make sense. And I normally do not do either of those things. But I still want things! Things I want to share with all of you. So I give you...

blazer/jeans/heels/belt/dress/necklace/nail polish/blouse

So let's call it like it is and say that I'm a little obsessed at the moment with leopard accents and black & white contrast detailing. Also, I clearly don't need a $548 black dress, but I'm so infatuated with Peter Pan collars, and even more so when they are jeweled. Everything is better with sparkles on it. Don't quote me on that, someone famous may have said that first, like Marilyn Monroe or Honey Boo Boo. I'm relatively crafty though, and I'm considering doing a little DIY jeweled collar action on an old Oxford. I'm sure I'll let you know what happens. 

Sigh. Is it so pathetic that I still haven't invested in a pair of colored jeans? I'm so afraid of things I spend money on going out of style that I can't commit. I think colored jeans now think that I'm just not that into them, but I am! It was only weeks ago that I posted about my love for mustard yellow, and now I'm starting to flirt with red. I'm definitely looking for a pair that could be transitioned through the seasons, which is why I'm thinking these because they can work from fall (the color of apples!) to winter (Christmas worthy color) and then spring-summer (when nautical strikes again). 

You may have noticed a sassy lady that snuck into this montage that is clearly not a model. That's yours truly working a brown pleather jacket at Macys that I spied for $69. I'm aware that that's a great price for a jacket (even if it is faux!) but I barely even mentioned my desire for this coat and was immediately brought back down to Earth by not only my husband but also my mother. Apparently I have an outerwear problem (among other things) and have been banned from ever purchasing another jacket/cape/pea coat/parka/rain slicker/poncho sweater. Which just makes me want this all the more. Also I couldn't for the life of me remember the brand, hence why I couldn't locate the actual photo and had to use this charming iPhone pic. I just know it was $69 at the Manchester Macys and I can't stop thinking about it. We're in love.



  1. you can only buy that jacket if you're living in 70 degree weather all the time... in New England that jacket has a life span of about 3 weeks. Sorry, sad but true :-(

    1. I know. But the whole point of Fall Fancies is that nothing is ridiculous. Which for me usually means it's extra ridiculous.