Friday, September 7, 2012

FF: The Girl with the Mustard Pants

Friday's Fancies are back!

Well they've always been there. I just fell off the wagon for a month. But we meet again.

I guess it's no secret by now that the back to school outfits of my day could have used a little bit of... polishing, shall we say. Of course now that I am older, wiser and five years past my last actual first day of school I can actually look back objectively on my ensembles and realize that nobody under the age of eighteen that has to wake up before 6:00 am should be given the authority to make such important life decisions. If I could do it all over again or if I was 21 Jump Streeting it, this is what I would rock this time around:


I can't believe summer has come and gone and I still don't own a pair of colored jeans. Well I can, because the accountant doesn't deem these a worthy purchase when we need to be able to afford food and stuff. I was afraid that this would only be a warm weather trend, but I could see these mustard hued pants make the transition into fall. 

I have also been on a hunt for almost a year now for the perfect navy blazer. Now I'm fully aware that there are probably four of them just sitting in the mall that I work at, waiting to be discovered, but you have to understand when I say "on the hunt" I mean "finding the cheapest one possible that also fits." I even caved at one point and bought one at Sears but I was so distracted by the less that $20 price tag that I never noticed that IT DIDN'T EVEN HAVE BUTTONS. Also it appears to be made of linen. 

I am so torn over this smoking slipper thing. I feel really behind now because I remember seeing leopard ones pop up at the beginning of the summer, but like skinny jeans I was like "psh that is ridiculous" and pretended that they weren't going to happen. Well it seems they did, and now I'm torn if I should just give in and get a pair or if the fact that it's been four months since they first hit the scene that our time together would be awfully limited. In that case, you can't go wrong with a pair from Target for a cool $20. If nothing else I could still wear them as actual slippers some day. 

I know that the world is all iPad/iPhone/Computer savvy now, but in my former school days my favorite thing to purchase for the new academic year was a planner. I was very particular, as I only liked the one that had a month calendar listing and daily slots as well. I used to search high and low for the perfect one, of course then I could not swing, nor can I now, a $200 designer version, but hey, FF is all about lusting over things that you wish you could have. 

I know that chambray shirts were everywhere this summer, but I love the refresh here with the polka dots. I have been seeing this top all over the blogosphere because it's available at one certain retailer for an amount I can only compare to my car payment, and then Old Navy was like "haha suckers!" and gave us this for $24.99. It's already sold out in the smaller sizes online, so I'm thinking that I may have to start stalking my local stores to pic this up. I can't already tell that I'll suffer from un-buyer's remorse if I don't get this thing. 

And of course, Bauble Bar. I know the yellow bib necklace is a little matchy with the pants, but in my middle and high school days, that was what I thought style was all about.

If you have six hours to bum around on the Internet, don't forget to check out everyone else's back to school inspired ensembles!



  1. love the mustard pants, a little ballsy to wear but very cute if you can pull it off, surprising how many things that color can match with


  2. Seriously! Mustard and navy are becoming one of my favorite color combos. Plus I enjoy pieces that require a little sass.