Sunday, October 21, 2012

Some Folks Like to Get Away Pt. 2

When we last left our heroine, Lindsay was barely still standing after a rousing three hour tour of the Maine Maritime Museum. After starting to show sign of extreme hangriness (for those that aren't medical professionals, being "hangry" is an affliction caused by hunger that leads to anger), Steve finally recognized that she needed nourishment and human interaction. 

Ugh, my apologies for all the third person narrative. Even I can't pretend I'm okay with that. 

We set off for one of the "Maine" attractions (GET IT?!) on our getaway:

cue the hallelujah chorus. for steve anyway.

I would just like to say despite the fact that I am not very outdoorsy, I actually like going to the Freeport L.L. Bean. It's really amazing. It's basically the Disney of the outdoors world... you know, besides actually being outdoors. 

Of course, I had to dress appropriately. That calls for flannel.

But like the museum, whatever slight interest I have is by no means any comparison to what Steve feels for it down in the depths of his soul. I mean, just imagine if you finally felt like you returned home:

is that not the face of man overwhelmed by sheer happiness?

I was actually really excited, because like the Girl Scouts and Fenway Park, the Bean is also celebrating it's 100th anniversary this year. They had tons of cute celebratory things. 

wait, they sell food here too?

tiny boots

Steve had also been waiting to finally see the Signature collection in person. And let's just say, he was pretty excited.

money can buy happiness. for $250.

They even turned a section into a kind of pop up museum. Obviously this is where we spent a large portion of our time. 


Despite the fact this store is open twenty four hours a day, we were not there long enough for Steve to actually decide what he was going to purchase. I can see how that would be difficult when you have to choose between forty pairs of boots with the slightest variations. Which meant...

We were coming back the next day. 

this is the closest to us getting a picture together this whole time.

We checked out of our hotel and headed straight to The Wild Oats Bakery for lunch, because we were so overwhelmed by the amount of food options the day before that we knew we had to return. We still had trouble deciding... so we just got everything.

you haven't really lived if you've never had a grilled goat cheese sandwich.

I had learned from the previous days that I needed to load up on carbs whenever I had the opportunity, because day trips with Steve sometimes means five hours without a solid meal. 

Before making our last Bean stop, we had a slight detour. That somehow involved the biggest indoor flea market I had ever seen. 

Okay, I guess it's called "antiquing." Or as I know it "finding dirty old things that make me sneeze."

I'm half kidding. I actually found some cool things. But everything was so dusty and I couldn't breathe and again, we were there for a solid three hours. But more on that tomorrow. 

Back to the Bean. After much deliberation, Steve finally picked out his perfect pair of boots:

all mine, baby.

These aren't just any boots, though. These are the 100th Anniversary special edition Bean boot. You know they're special because they have red soles. You know, just like Louboutins. 

It was love at first sight.

is this love that i'm feeling...

And me? I met this bird. We developed a very special bond.

Just kidding. It was a good time. But I really did take like twenty pictures of that bird. 



  1. Those red soled boots are pretty cool! And that bird shot is great!

    1. Haha thanks. Can't explain it- I was just so fascinated by that damn bird.


  2. that was a very manly duffel bag...

    1. He's obsessed. He's been on the market for a masculine bag lately...