Monday, October 22, 2012

MMM: Maine Edition

First of all, thank you to everyone who has asked about the absence of Mall Madness Monday posts. All two of you really made me feel special that you felt there was a void in your life by missing out on pictures of things that I don't need/can't afford.

For those of you that have no idea what is about to happen, prepare yourselves. 

I decided to do a special edition of MMM this week in honor of Steve and my little getaway Maine trip. If you are dying to know about all the exciting things we discovered in towns like Brunswick and Bath (and let's face it, that is at the top of your priority list) you can visit this post, and then this one too.

We actually spent quite a bit of time shopping on this trip. Now before you get all excited for me, know that it wasn't exactly my kind of shopping. I mean there wasn't a Forever 21 in sight. Ironically, when I finally convinced Steve to take me to the J. Crew outlet, he was the one that came out with a purchase. What a jerk. 

Here are some things I found particularly intriguing on this trip. Keep in mind that they're all pretty much from LL Bean or a crazy antique mall.

deconstructed signs are totally in right now. steve hates when i
say stuff like that, but he really can't get mad at me because i
learned it from all of his pawn picker antiques roadshow programs.

i may have mentioned that i'm obsessed with vintage typewriters.
also pillows.

this game is exactly what it sounds like. it's just a series of cards
with facts about different authors & kids have to guess who it is.
how this enthralling game has ended up on the bottom shelf in
an antique mall blows my mind. i mean there is just so much fun
to be had. 

this is the one thing i actually like about antique stores: vintage
postcards. they had a bajillion of them here, all divided by states
& themes & such. somehow i spent $38 on postcards. it's an addiction.

ugh. i died a little over this one. ll bean suede riding boots, at the
outlet, on clearance. and yet, i couldn't convince steve to let me buy
them. it may have had something to do with the fact that i was
wearing black boots at the time, so he didn't see the necessity. oh,
also i had packed two other pairs as well. note to self- no one will
ever buy you new boots if they had to help you pack three pairs for a
three day trip. 

steve & i are nowhere near home ownership, but we decided that
when we are, we need lamps like this for our front door. except
we both agreed that $395 is a little pricey for a single lamp.
point, marriage.

i'm not sure what occasion a boot card is appropriate for, but i find
these adorable none the less.

i want all the vintage jewels. all of them. 

no, this is not an antique. these are dice stools (or end tables?) from
the ll bean home store. obviously i need this to match my S&P shakers.

So what items did I actually cross the border with? Besides an exorbitant amount of vintage postcards, I also picked up an "L" necklace made from an old typewriter key (see? Again with the typewriters). Oh, and I may have accidentally purchased a $40 lobster charm. I'm definitely going to be paying for that one for a long time. Steve has mentioned it to me at least once a day since we've been home, and that was a week ago. 



  1. What I want to know is, what is happening with all of the vintage postcards? Do you send them? Scrapbook? Hoard? Does Steve know?

    1. Haha yes Steve was with me when I bought them. Some of them are his! I did get some frames, I just haven't put them up yet. I'm sure I'll post on that when I do!