Saturday, November 23, 2013

American Baby

If you've been round these parts before, you might remember last summer when I took my first-ever maternity photos for my friend Tim and his wife, Cassie. In addition to photographing their wedding, I have known Tim since high school, and for the past few months, he's been heading up our ten year high school reunion planning committee, so he's a busy guy. I was shocked when he told me that the whole Buck family was willing to take a day trip to Nantucket for me to do a family shoot, their first since Maddie was born (who is now a year old). I said yes (duh) and we made arrangements for them to travel to my little elbow of sand.

Like their bump pics last year, this was my first time photographing a baby outside of the occasional mini-wedding guest. It was definitely more challenging than I had thought! I had done all kinds of research of what poses I wanted to get and made a list of possible locations that we could walk to on the island. Well, a lot of that goes out the window when you have a one year-old calling the shots! She was super sweet and totally well-behaved. But the best laid plans are no match for a toddler with their own agenda, with priority number one being to play with everything. So you just have to kind of follow their lead, go where they go. It was a wonderful experience, and once again I am so thankful for Tim and Cassie, who are always so willing to let me experiment photography-wise with their family. 

So here are some of my favorites from our nautical Nantucket photo shoot. Enjoy!



  1. Ohh my goodness this is so precious. I think Brant Light is THE most picturesque place for a photoshoot, so you had me at that :) What a beautiful family!

    1. Thank you, Emily! They certainly made it easy to shoot!