Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh Baby, Baby

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my twenty seventh birthday (I'm going to assume your gift got lost in the mail). Clearly, this is a time where one starts to engage in such milestones as getting married (check), buying houses (only if they accept Ulta points as a form of payment) and having babies (eeeeeeek definitely not there yet). While I may not be ready yet to surrender my love of wine in order to incubate another human being, my friend Tim is! Well, not him so much as his lovely wife Cassie, who is ready to pop any day and theoretically could possibly go into labor as I type this.

I've known Tim since our days as high school theatre geeks, you know, before it was cool (there was no Glee back then). My dad and I were honored when Tim and Cassie chose us to be their wedding photographers a few years ago, and I was even more honored/nervous/unprepared when Tim recently contacted me about taking some Bump photos before Baby Girl Buck arrives.

As excited as I was... I've never shot maternity pictures before. I pretty much specialize in wedding and Bat Mitzvahs as far as photography goes. But since acquiring my own equipment, I've been wanting to branch out my photo skills a bit, and the Buck's were nice enough to let me experiment on their innocent little baby. 

Never one to leave anything to chance, Tim scoped out a location and quickly emailed me directions, photos and videos of where it was/what it looked like/how to find it/what the weather would be/longitude and latitude and all the other essential information. We were lucky enough that the weather held out for us. Cassie was a huge trooper- she didn't complain, sweat or cry once, which is the exact opposite reaction that I imagine that I would have carrying a watermelon around at the end of July. She even willingly brought costume changes- a girl after my own heart. 

Cassie is now approximately eight days away from the arrival of their little girl, so of course I want to give her her first dose of celebrity status featuring some of my personal favorite shots on the blog. Which ones do you like the best?

It's safe to say that I am officially pumped for Baby Buck's arrival. Mainly because these two were such great sports, and also because I couldn't get either of them to reveal their top secret baby name. I'll be anxiously awaiting Facebook updates from technology master Tim!



  1. Thanks again LindZ. It was so much fun - and they look beautiful.

    1. I had a great time with you guys! Can't wait to hear about Baby Buck :)