Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday's Fancies: If You are Chilly, Here Take My Jeweled Sweatshirt


It's the return of Friday's Fancies! Okay, technically, it has continued on without my participation, but I haven't seemed to get my act together to put out a post.

It's November in New England, which means it could be 64 degrees (as it was when I got in my car today) or you could see flurries (which have yet to make their way to Nantucket, thank God). It also means that the fitting theme of the week for Friday's Fancies is... sweater weather!

Since {av} is awesome and doesn't force us to follow the theme to a T, I decided to zero in on a trend I'm sort of obsessed with right now: jeweled sweathshirts. I just can't get enough of them. It's like everything I love most in one garment- comfort, warmth and a little bit of gaudy embellishment. I don't think that we allow ourselves enough opportunities to go out of the house dripping in jewels, amirite?

I am currently jewel-less however, as some of these beaded beauties are well over $100, which I'm sorry, no matter how many crystals you throw on it, it's still a sweatshirt. If just the name of it has anything to do with perspiration, you can bet I'm not spending any more than like twenty bucks. That's why I love Friday's Fancies- it's all your fashion dreams come true without the restriction of credit card bills.

So unfortunately, this J.Crew chandelier sweatshirt (which is only available for pre-order at the moment) will keep its spot on my "Things I Will Never Ever Own" list. However, the smoking slippers are completely attainable, as they are currently on sale (!!!) at Kohl's right now (props to Kate for exposing me to these, and by props, I mean, I hate you because now I want one more thing). And can we talk about the Target leggings with faux-leather detailing? I almost snagged a pair the last time I was on the mainland but I knew Steve would be able to tell that I hadn't been shopping in the dollar section once he saw that charge. 

Hopefully we'll meet again, same time, same place next Friday. I'll make the effort if you will. It's a date!



  1. I want that jeweled sweatshirt so badly it isn't even funny!

    Friday's Fancies

    1. I know. It's like J.Crew hates us and wants us to be poor.