Monday, May 20, 2013

You Better Work- Week Eight

Here we are, the two month mark. I feel like I say this every week, therefore totally boring all of you, but I just can't get over that a mere eight weeks ago I was living a completely different life than I am today. Okay, maybe not completely different. I still watch my same TV shows (maybe just a little less of them, with no DVR yet), I still haven't really done any cooking for myself- basically what I'm trying to say is I'm still the same person. 

But being in a different place, working a new job, and even something as simple as wearing the things I want to wear has made me feel like this whole new person. Is everything perfect? No, of course not. Am I stress-free? Never. But it's a different type of stress, the kind that comes from wanting to be good at your job and really caring about the work that you're putting out there. What's really made a difference is Steve was finally down here with me this whole week, which has been amazing. Not just because I get to eat again, but because it's just nice to see your person everyday when you come home. 

But enough with the schmultz. Let's go to the outfits!


banana republic dress/payless flats/kris nations necklace

I was kind of all over the place with my clothes this week. Steve and I were dog sitting, which meant that we found ourselves living between two places that both aren't ours. I tried to stick to easy things as I was running back and forth every few days to grab clothes. When I looked at some of these pictures, I was like, "ehhh, these are a little boring." That's the tricky thing- no matter how much you plan, sometimes, real life takes over. I have always liked this dress, mainly for its ease. You throw it on and your done. Ready for anything... like a safari! I needed a little color so I threw on red plaid flats. Why not?


charlotte russe dress/j crew top/old navy flats

I admit, sometimes I even surprise myself with these looks. I'm not saying I'm God's gift to nautical fashion (although if someone else wanted to say it, that would be okay), but I looked back at this one that I kind of threw on and was like, "damn, I really liked that outfit!" The weather was once again, crummy, hence the pulled back hair, which I also ended up liking. And of course, the return of... the Scrabble earrings! I have always considered these one of my "signature" pieces. I used to wear them all the time, and I noticed recently I've been wearing less fun earrings in place of more simple ones to compliment statement necklaces. I bought these when I lived in Cambridge at Joie de Vivre, and I used to buy them as gifts for people all the time. Unfortunately, they no longer carry them and I've had to resort to finding them online. 


j crew blazer/h&m dress/old navy flats/diy kate spade necklace

Notice the new mirror location? Told you I was back and forth! Luckily my dog sitting gig came with a full-length mirror. After work on Wednesday I worked an event at the museum, so I had to look a little extra profesh (but with comfortable shoes). I bought this dress at H&M so many years ago and it has been with me through a multitude of events. I remember buying it for something crazy like $11 and it did not fit at all. A few nips and hems later, and it's one of my most used outfits. Oddly enough, the material almost feels like it's water resistant or something, which I don't totally understand but it's nice and light for events in the summer months. 


old navy sweater/gap shirt/j crew pants/forever 21 belt/payless flats

I bought these polka dotted chambray pants during a jaunt to the J. Crew outlet the last time I was on the mainland. They sat in the bag for almost two weeks because I couldn't figure out what I wanted to wear them with. And then, my boss showed up to work in the exact same pants. Not that we can't both own these pants, but after that I feared we would both show up in them on the same day. So I still didn't wear them. Finally, I'm like, what the heck? You might not get it right the first time, but isn't that what fashion is all about?


hand-me-down dress (from my sister)/ny & co cardi/lululemon leggings/target boots

Okay, so I realize that there are a handful of Fridays where I am basically wearing a different version of the same outfit. This was another day that I was headed back to the mainland on the ferry after work. So the goal is to wear something appropriate for work but comfortable that you can wear it all day, including at work, on the boat, and then in the 1.5 hour car ride. That's a pretty tall order, wardrobe wise. Since the weather hasn't been great, I tend to go with the dress/legging/boot combo. Now that it's getting a bit warmer (but barely) I'll probably switch to a flat... or maybe even a flip flop. I cannot wait. 


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