Saturday, May 25, 2013

You Better Work: Week Nine

Week nine starts to get into some tricky territory. By this point, I've worn most of the things I really like. We're moving into the potential repeat zone (nooooooooo). When I moved here, it was still freezing, even snowing occasionally. Although the weather hasn't been amazing, it is late May after all, and there are certain items on my rolling rack that are just no longer appropriate. 

Thankfully, as of today we have a truck booked and we will finally be bringing all of our worldly possessions to the island, meaning my clothes and I will be finally reunited! And I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt, it will feel so good.

So without further adieu, I give you... week nine.


forever 21 shirt/j.crew skirt/nine west shoes

Guys, I cannot lie to you. This is one of my all time favorite ensembles. I most recently wore this for the Fit In Clouds photo shoot that I was super excited to be a part of, and then repeated again for a Monday that I also happened to be attending a social media course with Jason from Social Bridge Consulting and Holly from Nantucket BlACKbook. You know I like to straddle the line between looking profesh and fun, and what's more fun than a fuchsia skirt?


lacoste sweater/forever 21 pants & headband/payless flats/kate spade keychain (turned necklace)

I don't know what got into me when I got up on Tuesday. I decided I was bored with my hair, over the weather, and was in desperate need of some hot pink lipstick. It was just one of those days, you know? I was happy how this look turned out though. I felt a little vintage pin-up, aside from the fact that I had all my clothes on. 


j.crew blazer/gap sleeveless turtleneck/tj maxx pants/target shoes/forever 21 necklace

Wednesday was a day where I had to look good. Like I know I aim for that everyday, but Wednesday was super important because RON HOWARD showed up at the office that day. I am not kidding. The only reason I feel okay mentioning it now is because clearly he is long gone and also he tweeted about it, so it's common knowledge. Yes, Ron Howard has Twitter. He's even cooler than you thought. Unfortunately I do not have anything else cool to report, because we did not get a chance to meet, and therefore I was not cast as an extra in his new movie. But we totally made eye contact when he walked through the office to charge his phone as I stared longingly out of the conference room door. So there was that. 


lord & taylor top/forever 21 skirt & belt/j.crew bag/target shoes/h&M jacket

Like I said, I'm starting to run out of options with what I have here. So why not mix patterns? In fact, why not do it anyway? I was also excited to break out my denim jacket (I was able to snag just a few spring things the last time I was off island for all of ten minutes, obviously this had to come with) even thought I constantly get made fun of for the buttons. Um, it's called flair and the 80's are supposed to be back and everything, so let's just chill out, okay?


old navy top & flats/the boutique at stowe mercantile skirt/vintage necklace

Ohemgee, it was finally nice enough out to wear a linen skirt. What you don't see in these photos is the awesome leopard trench that topped this whole outfit off (it really tied together nicely with the colors of the flats). It also marked the beginning of the first weekend that Steve and I had off together in which he didn't have to work in a restaurant and I wasn't working in retail. I NEVER THOUGHT THE DAY WOULD COME. And then it did. And then we spent the whole weekend doing touristy Nantucket things. As soon as I edit the photos, I'll share those too. Because I know it's not enough for you to see what I'm wearing everyday. 

Until then,



  1. Oh my gosh, you are SO CUTE! I love ALL of your outfits. When I saw the first I was like, ooooh that is my FAVORITE! And then I saw the second and I was like, no, THIS if my favorite! I just kept saying that with each outfit! Can you please be my personal stylist? Ha! But seriously....

    1. Courtney,

      Thank you so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. Sometimes I feel like I have a hard time dressing myself, let alone another person! But if you ever need an opinion, I'm your girl. Thanks for reading!