Monday, June 4, 2012

MMM: You're Always Buzzing Just Like Neon, Neon

Another (Mon)day, another theme. Have I mentioned that I love a good theme? 

I started to notice some pretty sweet neon items throughout the mall when I was seeking out patriotic pieces for my Memorial Day post last week. I am super excited about the neon trend, because I just feel like it's the ultimate fashion representation of my personality. A little loud, but fabulous in small doses. I think some part of me has always had an affinity for slightly abrasive color choices. I think the obsession really started in ninth grade. After outgrowing the smiley face stage (so middle school) I became obsessed with insanely colored pieces that my friends deemed hideous. It never bothered me, and I continued to rock my Old Navy neon green winter vest and fluorescent pink techno pants (not together, duh. That would be in poor taste). 

So now I'm adult and I love neon. It's easiest in small doses, like an accessory or a "notice me" mani, but I'm willing to rock a solid neon shirt now and then. Mainly now. 

Disclaimer: I swear all of the items in these photos are obsessively bright. Due to the awesomeness that is cell phone cameras and the wonders of Instagram, not all of the colors appear as they really are. But I promise, I specifically went hunting for items that were almost painful to the eye. So these things are all THAT BRIGHT in person. 

steve madden via lord & taylor

ahhh i die over these satchels. i've been wanting one FOREVER.
speaking of forever, f21- help a sister out!

victoria's secret

this bra is so pretty. totally unpractical, but pretty. seriously-
who needs neon and lace busting out of their tops?

bellatrix via nordstrom

i know this is offensive. that's why i like it.

j crew

man, head to toe neon is hard. but also awesome. 

ann taylor

i used to think that ann taylor was a store for working mothers. but
they are really rocking some amazing neon accessories lately. also
shout out to their petite section.

nails inc. via sephora

i've never heard of this brand before, & i'm slightly prejudice when it
comes to nail polish. it's either opi or nothing at all. but i discovered
these today while shuffling around sephora & i think they look promising.
also i like that they have a sample of every color of nail polish they carry.


this blouse catches my eye every time i pass the store. it's probably the
#1 on my obsession list right now. i can't not look at. even the color name
just speaks to me- "vivid fuschia." have you ever seen a more gorgeous

oh, btw. it's $110. dreams dashed.

bcbg via 344

i have never bought anything in this store. mainly because it's way overpriced
& i feel like everything in there looks like upcharged charlotte russe merch.
i can say that because i used to work there. but it is really clean & nicely
organized, & they have a warehouse store in the mall.

Happy Monday! Busy week coming up, including a blogger event (yay!), a makeover (aka hair appointment) and a wedding. Oh, the outfits that are needed. 

Oh also, I bought a bike yesterday. But more on that later. 



  1. those satchels are gorgeous! xx

    1. Seriously. I want to carry all four of them at once.


  2. AGREED on the Ann Taylor for moms thing! But they definitely are coming around with some fun pieces! I love the neon jewelry you found there. I also love the Steve Madden bags in the first picture! So fun!

    xoxo, me

    1. Ann Taylor is KILLING it lately. I keep going in to see if those pointed cap toe neon flats have come down from being ON SALE for 57.99, but I have not had such luck.

      Also I just spotted Steve Madden shiny patent satchels in TJ Maxx today for $30! No pink :( but they have neon green, yellow & red! I may try to distract my husband for a bit and snag me one of those :)


  3. I love the neon lace top from Nordstrom. This may seem like a weird thing to ask, but would you be interested in reselling it to me?