Monday, June 18, 2012

MMM: Shorter is Sweeter

This post is like the Tom Cruise of Mall Madness Monday posts- a little on the short side. 

To be honest, I was relatively uninspired with my mall surrounding this week. However, I still managed to scrounge up a few pic-worthy products for your viewing pleasure (but really, for my wish list.)


i admit, this blazer looks totally old lady sofa on the hanger. but i tried
it on, & it's pretty fabulous. of course you'd have to rock it with some
skinnies & killer heels to undowdy it up.

j crew

of course i've been lusting over the bubble necklace since being introduced
to the world of fashion blogs, but the latest color to debut really has me
fooled into thinking that $150 for fake jewelry is totally worth it.

forever 21

theses sort of remind me of the colored enamel kate spade bangles, &
obviously i love anything that i can pretend that it cost way more than
i actually spent on it.

victoria's secret

clearly i'm a sucker for anything red, white & blue. so i'm excited that
with the summer olympics looming, tons of brands are featuring patriotic duds.
because nothing says "i'm cheering on my country" like sequined push up bras.

Looks like I have my work cut out for me this week. Time to hit the mall running. Until then!



  1. I LOVE that Zara blazer. I can definitely see how it would be fabulous on! And check out ebay for a J. Crew knock off before you drop $150 on that one... you may be able to find something super similar for less than $20 :)

    1. Oh, Morgan, you better believe I have been STALKING ebay for those faux necklaces. The only thing that has stopped me is I want EVERY COLOR and I can't decide which one I want to start with.

      Also the Zara blazer just has to be mine. There's no way around it.