Monday, June 11, 2012

MMM: Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

I guess there's no theme among my Mall Madness Monday pics this week, unless you count crazy as a theme. Seriously, with the influx of all the blogs I've been reading, I am starting to feel like my taste is all over the place. I guess on one hand it's good, stepping outside your comfort zone (I mean, who would have ever thought that I would be interested in spiky accessories?!) but it also further illustrates my point that trendy items should never be purchased for more than $20, because let's be real: half of this stuff I would probably shudder at six months later. 

So here it is, my slightly eclectic mix of desirables this week. I know, I need help.

steve madden via lord & taylor

so i've never been a "tough" girl, but lately i'm just dying over spikes
left & right. i'm still on the fence about the smoking slippers trend,
but i guess if you're going to do it you might as well go all out, eh?

ann taylor

i just want skinny colored belts, like all the time. is that bad?

forever 21

at the blogger meetup on thursday, i met morgan who was wearing an
amazing peach kate spade statement necklace. she said she got it for a
great deal, so immediately i liked her. this cheapo version is similar in
color & is also available in mint! 

michael kors via tj maxx

this bag is the perfect "i wish this was a real birkin" size. but even at
tj maxx, it's $180. so it's probably just as far away from me as an
actual birkin.

trina turk via banana republic

i am obviously obsessed with this new designer collabo at banana. crazy
colors & patterns are always okay in my book. maybe two years from now
i'll score some at the factory store for 75% off.


again with the spikes. i think they're easiest to wear in jewel form. also
that's the most inconspicuous way to disguise your weapons.

steve madden via tj maxx

per last week's post it's pretty apparent that i want a satchel. i have been
searching high & low for an inexpensive version & have come up short
(because $68 is not inexpensive for a struggling twenty-something, no
matter what anyone says). my sis-in-law gave me the heads up on this
steve madden version @ tj maxx. little sad- no pink, but for $30 the
options there can't be beat. also it's patent & shiny. win win.

sur la table

so i couldn't help but snap a pic of this, but there's a back story. i have this
whale platter that i'm in love with. it's very nautical/vintagey old looking. it's
from a very fancy kitchen store in rockport. it's also plastic. so steve hates it.
he doesn't think expensive things should be plastic. i disagree, because it will
last forever because i won't break it. these are square and plastic & i love them. 

heys via tj maxx

so i have super old pink luggage from the christmas tree shop that is dirty
& disgusting & ripped. but hey, at least it matches. of course i didn't think
to register for new luggage when i got married, so i missed the boat on that
one. but i found these at tj maxx & i just thought they were so cute! they're
hard & there were all different countries represented. plus they're clearly
noticeable so you would never not find your bags at an airport again. unless
someone stole it because they realized how cool you are with your snazzy

Happy Monday!



  1. My friend - those suitcases are by Heys not Hex

    1. Well thanks for clarifying. Must have written the name down wrong! I knew it was something like that. Thanks for the heads up!


  2. Two things first, I love that luggage I want the VEGAS Ones! And did you know that there is a Bananna Factory store in the Milbury Mall now great prices and sales?

    1. They had Paris and London at the store I went to today. I did not know about the store in Millbury, I will definitely have to check it out!


  3. Hey Lindsay!

    I WANT THOSE STEVE MADDENS TOO… I may or may not be watching a pair of the gold ones on ebay…

    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

    1. ooooh gold! I like that even better!