Monday, February 13, 2012

Saving All My Blog For Wu

I am not a fashion blogger.

I'm not even sure what kind of blogger I am. I started out strictly writing about celebrity scandal because I missed my college weekly column. Then came "the Tree" and additional tidbits about my thrilling personal life. Now, it's kind of a mix of both. I spend a ton of downtime reading other people's blogs because it's inspiring to read things from people that you can tell they're really passionate about. Like me making fun of people.

One of the ones I read on a daily basis (mainly because she posts daily) is What I Wore, a fashion blog by Jessica Quirk. She is an amazing blogger, and her blog is the type that all blogs want to be. It's classy, organized and clean, which are qualities my blog aspires to but rarely achieves. Usually her posts center around her fabulous ensembles, but this week there was a twist thrown in, as she was calling all style bloggers for a Winter Remix Challenge.

Like I previously stated, I am not a fashion blogger. I like clothes, I have lots of them and continue to buy more even though my husband yells at me. I would love to work more fashion into my blog, but there are a few challenges that stand in my way.
1. I wear black 5 out of 7 days a week. I try to mix in as many textures and over sized jewelry that I can get away with, but overall my everyday look is totally snooze worthy.
2. I live in a 700 sq foot apt. I have no quality back drops for mini photo shoots, hence why I keep standing in front of the door. I could go outside... But I live on the third floor. And it's cold. And I don't wanna.
3. I still don't own a full length mirror. So it's very hard to tell if one end of my outfit goes with the other. I can stand in front of the mirror in my bedroom and see the top and I can stand on a stool in the hallway and see the bottom in the bathroom mirror. But never the whole thing in at once.
4. I could never ask Steve to take my picture everyday. Everytime I do, he gets one good outfit photo and at least 6 of my butt and/or me making this face:

are we serious right now?

But today the fashion blogger inside me got her day, as I was one of the 80 or so that got their 15 minutes of blog fame by being featured in the challenge. Ever since I spent a Sunday morning staking out the Jason Wu collection and cursing the existence of the evil under lord that is Target, I have been racking my brain to figure out how I could wear my two pieces before July. So this was the perfect opportunity to try.

However, like most things I do in life, I procrastinated and never got around to taking the photos or even putting the clothes on, until last night during the Grammys with the 11:59 submission deadline looming. Assuming an Adele sweep, I raced to my room and threw on the ensembles I had planned in my head and ordered Steve to snap my picture as they announced Album of the Year (before you freak out on me, I rewound and caught her teary acceptance speech when I was finished. SO CHILL OUT). Hence why my hair and makeup looks like crap. I threw on some red lipstick, hoping for a miracle.

Then I attempted to download the 10 pictures, which took about 20 minutes because I have so many freaking photos on my 4.5 year old MacBook. I started to sweat a little bit, but like my book reports in 4th grade, I work best under the pressure. I threw the layout out on the soon to be extinct Picnik and composed a nice intro email and clicked send. And it was 11:57.

me & wu down by the school yard

And now I am all over the Internet! Well maybe not all over per se, but featured on a blog with a huge faithful readership. So for a novice like me, pretty damn exciting.

So thank you to Jessica for featuring us on your blog today. Go to What I Wore to check it out, and while you're there look at all her clothes because she's pretty awesome. If you hadn't heard of it before, your outfits will thank you. And then I will thank you, because I don't have to look at your sad outfits anymore.


  1. Hey Lindsay, I spent most of my day sick in bed and on my laptop. I read Jessica's blog and looked at all the submitted pictures. I clicked on the outfits I liked or who looked like they had an interesting blog. Among with a few others, I clicked yours and found your blogs so entertaining, I've read as far as last October hahah. I particularly loved the traffic ticket one since I have a hearing pretty soon too haha :)

    PS Funny thing is I'm from Vancouver and a Canuck fan, so tell Steve his team sucks. Or actually, he seems pretty intense about the Bruins. I'm afraid he'd trek over here and kill me.

  2. Kate,

    I am slightly jealous of your situation, because I would have been happy to have been sick yesterday so that I could go through all of the pics on What I Wore. I'm glad you liked my blog, although I'm sure there was some immediate tension upon discovering all the Bruins stuff. I told my husband what you said and laughed out loud. He would never cause physical harm over his beloved hockey team... that seems more of a Canuck trait anyway :)

    Rivalries aside, thank you for reading! We are actually spending our Valentine's evening at a game tonight. Hockey fans have their own ideas about romantic gestures, I suppose. I'm even going to wear my pink jersey, much to my husband's protest. Who knows, maybe it'll warrant a post tomorrow!