Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Only Wanna B('s) With You

So this past Tuesday was Valentine's Day, otherwise known as the international day of love. Before I met my husband, I was single pretty much every February 14th (and most other days) and quite bitter. I know not every single person is bitter that day, but I was. Mainly because they used to sell carnations in high school that you could have delivered to homeroom or something and I would watch some girls prance around with seven of them while I got zilch.

Although I've technically had a "Valentine" for the past 6 V-Day's, Steve and I have never made a big deal about the day. Steve says everyday for me is Valentine's Day, because he cooks me dinner, buys me things, and generally showers me with adoring love and affection on a daily basis (his words, not mine). That's mostly true, so I've never made a big deal about it, but just an acknowledgment of the day would be appreciated.

This year I got more than acknowledgment, as I was asked to attend a special February 14th Bruins game! Well not so much asked...

Steve: So there's a Bruins game on the 14th.
Me: February 14th?! As in Valentine's Day?!
Steve: Uh, yeah. Did you like, want me to do something with you that day? Because I can find someone else to go with.
Me: YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO GO ANYWHERE WITHOUT ME ON VALENTINE'S DAY. I got married so I would never have to be alone on Valentine's Day ever again, EVER.
Steve: Wow. Okay. So I guess we're going.

I love a theme, so when I found out that my presence was so lovingly wanted at this game, I knew immediately what I was going to wear: the forbidden Pink Jersey, banned circa July 2009. I know, I know- any true sports fan, regardless of team, wouldn't be caught dead next to a girl in a pink jersey, hat, t-shirt, etc. I have been lectured many times about how "real" fans don't wear pink; they proudly support their teams actual colors, and clearly no team's colors are a baby pastel pink.

But this being a day filled with hearts and love and sparkles I decided that I would stand firm and insist on rescuing The Jersey from the perils of my closet where it would surely never see the light of day again. And as I learned from Tom Hanks scratching himself in A League of Their Own, anything worth doing is worth doing right. I was going to go all out.

So you can imagine Steve's horror when he step out of the shower and saw me in this:

the pink ladies would be much more accepting

His actual words: "Is that what your'e wearing? Do you know how many other season ticket holders sit around us?!"

My response: "IT'S VALENTINE'S DAY!!!!"

Not my best comeback, but accurate.

Dressing for these games is so hard. I love a good theme but I don't want to be wearing enough garb that it looks like I think I'm actually on the team. For situations like this, I have to look to my #1 hockey girl fan, Mrs. Carrie Underwood Fischer.

I love her because she always has her hair and makeup done but dresses down just enough that she doesn't look like a glamourpuss who took a wrong turn on her way to an awards show and ended up at a hockey rink by accident.

Then of course we had to do our mini ticket photo shoot. I especially wanted to get a good picture of the date:


Steve was a little camera shy. He kept hiding behind his tickets. I can't imagine why...

he knows we can still see him, right?

Finally, he relented and actually let me take a picture of us together. Although the embarrassment almost killed him.

don't be fooled. behind that smile is an angry, angry man

As if The Jersey wasn't enough, the Bruins totally ate it and we lost 3-0, which was essentially pouring salt on the wound.

sad v-day :(

To be fair, the Rangers are in first place and we are in second, and also their goalie is REALLY handsome, and Thomas has had that moustache for so long...

what? i always take my helmet off in slow motion

So I think that The Jersey is now officially retired. And by retired, I mean someone hid it and I can't find it anymore. Also, I am now banned from attending Original 6 match ups.

Happy V-Day, lovers (hockey and otherwise).


  1. Ohh The Jersey came out!! Hahhaha

    I'd laugh at your 3-0 loss but I know you and Steve would just come back at me with the whole Stanley Cup thing haha. Who are your and Steve's favourite Bruins?

  2. Well before you pull out your "Bruins Suck" sign, lest I remind you that they won the next day (against the Canadiens!) in a shoot out?! haha

    Steve's fave player is Patrice Bergeron. My favorite player is also Patrice but only because I think he kinda looks like Steve. He also likes Marchand, Thornton, obviously Tim Thomas and Lucic. I'm just impressed that I know who they all are lol. I even remember some of their numbers!

  3. I think you guys lost again tonight against the Jets. I'm originally from Winnipeg so I was especially happy with this win. They're probably not going to make the playoffs but a loss for the Bruins is a good day in Vancouver haha. Yes we're all still a little bitter (VERY bitter).

    I think you should save up all your money in the slight chance that Boston and Vancouver meet again the playoffs and come visit!!!!

    And no love for Chara?

  4. I mean I don't think there are any players that Steve doesn't like... but I'm personally afraid of Chara. He's like a big scary Czechoslavakian monster. And he is NOT cute lol.

    Steve has season tickets so he did get to see plenty of playoffs here, but he was VERY upset that he didn't get to go to Vancouver for the Olympics! He's always wanted to go there and he's like a crazy freak for the Olympics. Playoffs or not, I'm sure he'd love to take a little tour of the Olympic Village :)

  5. OMG the Olympics were sooooooo much fun! Steve definitely should have come. Biggest party ever!

  6. bwahahah! I haave to look for one of these for my best friend! She has the biggest crush on one of Boston's players :p Lovely little blog you have here <3