Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Better Work: Week Forty Five

Would you be mad at me if I said that sometimes, taking daily #ootd pictures isn't all it's cracked up to be? Don't get me wrong, I love having an outlet in which I can express myself everyday. And I do enjoy the photos and reading your comments and seeing your likes. But sometimes, you wake up late and throw on the closest thing you can find. Sometimes, you get home and don't have the energy to snap photos of your outfit because your rattiest sweats have been calling your name since noon. Many times, you leave the office so late that it's pitch dark and therefore, unsuitable for poorly lit iPhone pics. 

Which is probably why, during week forty five of whatever this thing is that I've been doing for almost a year, I only ended up with two outfit photos. So this is a relatively short post, but I'm getting closer to keeping up with these ensembles in real time (today is officially one week away from my anniversary at my job). And with that, I bring you the shortest #ootd post ever.


limited sweater/express top/forever 21 pants/old navy flats & earrings

This outfit is a prime example of one of those mornings when it's like oh crap it's cold and I didn't pick out my outfit the night before and I just need to not be naked and get to work on time. On those days, I like to keep it simple with black & white with a pop of color. Okay, so gray isn't my usual "pop," but I thought a hint of sparkle would suffice.


j.crew blazer, top & jeans/old navy flats/ily couture necklace

It's no secret that there are certain stores that I frequent (or used to, before there was thirty miles of water between me and the nearest mall). I don't ever intentionally wear one brand from head-to-toe, but sometimes when I go to tag the makers of the various pieces in my ensemble, I find that I am in fact a walking advertisement. Not that I'm complaining; the reason I love J. Crew is because all of the basics are so interchangeable. But you have to jazz it up with fun accessories, like these cap toe flats (that I have almost worn into the ground) and this statement necklace that I scored on a major sale. 

That's it for this (very short) week. Let's make a date for the next installment!


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