Monday, March 10, 2014

It's the Freakin' Weekend, I'm About to Instagram Me Some Fun

Well folks, it was another beautiful weekend on Nantucket. I'm not saying that to rub it in, it's just that sometimes I can't believe I live here. Don't get me wrong, it's still winter (like it snowed again this morning), but this weekend was a great combo of beautiful weather (for March) + a successful work event + fun (and drinks) with friends + excursions. But let's let the photos speak for themselves. 

Friday night Steve & I took it easy, which now I'm thankful for after the excitement the rest of the weekend had in store. Saturday I was super excited because Steve was off (lately he's been working Saturday mornings), and he promised me a homemade breakfast worthy of MaryAnn's, and he delivered.

there was bacon, people. bacon.

It was a beautiful sunny day, and since we had eaten all the bacon, Steve thought we needed to be "active" and "get outside." I was still on my breakfast high and for some reason, I agreed. We went back to the scene of my last active breakdown, the Ram Pasture. Each time I go there, I am promised that if I make it far enough, there is some sort of barn. I wasn't sure what the deal was, but if there's signs leading to it, I figure it had to be something cool. Needless to say, I've never made it to the barn. And then finally...

barn, ho.

So what's out there you ask? 

A barn. 

Yep. That's it. And it's not like a cool historic barn. It's like a newly constructed barn that you can't even go inside. 

When I was starting to feel annoyed that I hadn't reached some sort of Nantucket Ark of the Covenant, I did look towards the ocean and decided that the view is pretty cool. 

first trip to the barn = first panoramic photo

I tried to keep my sulking to a minimum when I realized that once we got there, we had to walk all the way back. 


Now don't tell Steve, but it was sort of refreshing to be outside. Even though I could barely walk the next day. But I had to get over it, because I had to be at the museum for a program, which was basically like a Nantucket version of Jeopardy.

what is... a dead whale?

All of my coworkers worked super hard on this, so we felt like we had earned a beverage or two... or four in my case (hey, live-Tweeting events can be pretty taxing). Regardless, I discovered one of my new favorite drinks at Dune (the Island Affair) and then pretty much danced my legs off at the Rose & Crown with the five other people that were feeling the music as well. You know how I know I was having like, a really good time? Because there are no pictures of it. I was too busy to Instagram!

After discovering the next morning that we had been hit by the cruel mistress that is Daylight Savings, I forced myself out of bed (and wondered what age you have to be to be considered "too old" for shots of tequila) under the premise that Steve had promised us pre-hangover that he would make brunch for us, which meant I got to have bacon two days in a row.

After that, Steve took us on an excursion to explore some of the beaches we hadn't seen before in his car, which made me realize that before I moved to Nantucket, I had never driven on a beach before. It was another gorgeous day, so beautiful that the girls and I jumped out of Steve's X-Terra and began frolicking across the sand.

if you don't look at our outfits, you'd swear it was summer.

If I zipped my coat all the way up and just channeled as much of the warmth of the sun as I could, I almost felt like I could see summer when I was looking out at the waves. It definitely smelled like it. Despite living on an island, this was the first time I felt like I had smelled the salty air in months. Event the sight of driftwood seemed lovely.

We rounded out the weekend by shoving our faces full of pizza (because that cures most ailments, especially of the hangover variety) and heading back to the museum for a late night screening of... well, I don't want to tell you and ruin our theme for Daffodil Weekend, but let's just say that you can call us if there's something strange in your neighborhood.

just another day at the office.

I hope that all of you had an equally fulfilling weekend, but with less sand in your shoes and a few more glasses of water in between drinks.


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