Sunday, June 9, 2013

You Better Work: Week Ten

I mentioned in my last post that this week (which I want to say in real time is Week Twelve?) I didn't take a single outfit photo. Due to the Great Nantucket Housing Crisis, taking a picture of my outfit at the end of each day was next to impossible. Since we moved around so much, I really couldn't find a location in the places we were staying in that had proper lighting for mirror selfie shots. And at the moment, I am literally pulling items out of randomly strewn about suitcases and hoping they match. I'm sorry, my head just wasn't in it this week. 

But luckily for you all, I'm lazy and I still have leftover Week Ten pictures to blog about! So here we go.


old navy dress & flats/ll bean coat & wellies/gifted scarf/alex & ani bracelets/aldo watch/vintage ring

Hey, did you guys know it rains on Nantucket? If you haven't gathered that by now, well then... you must be new round these parts. I don't have an address yet, so I've been getting all mail sent to my office. Getting anything is really exciting when you're anywhere far away from your family and friends, and that is even more true when you're on an island. It's like literally a connection to the outside world. So you can imagine my joy when I got not just any mail, but a package! My good friend Alisa sent me a new job gift, this lovely nautical scarf that obviously matches everything I own. I'm sure this will be just the first of many appearances on the blog.


ny & co top & cardi/gap trouser jeans/payless flats/kate spade bag/rue 21 belt/forever 21 necklace

I've said before that my office is slightly casual, but I still have a personal no jeans at work policy. Okay, a no blue jeans at work policy. But this was a day where I knew I would be running around to every hotel on the island delivering brochures, so I wanted to be prepared. I bought these denim trousers forever ago and almost forgot I had them. I might save this for a future casual Friday look (not that we have ever declared that, but that may also be a personal decision one day). 


j.crew blazer, bag & necklace/gap trench/banana republic top/h&m jeans/ll bean boat shoes

If there's one item you have to bring with you to Nantucket this summer, it is WHITE JEANS. I'm not kidding. I know the official pants of Nantucket are Reds, but you can't walk five feet down Main Street without running into a gaggle of women all clad in white jeans. I decided it was time to finally break mine out (which I became obsessed with last year and found this pair for $10 at H&M). Then I kept hearing people say you're not supposed to wear white jeans until after Memorial Day. Uh, since when? I was always told that Easter was the dawn of the white shoes/dress/pants time of acceptance. Is this really a thing? How many of you actually still follow these "rules" in the year 2013?


h&m dress/forever 21 belt/nine west pumps via tj maxx/jewelry sale necklace

So on Thursday I wanted to look a little extra snazzy because we had our members celebration that evening, and it was the first time a lot of our donors would be back for the summer. We all had our roles, and of course, I was assigned to the photo op. This dress is just so universal and can be used for almost any occasion, and all you have to do is mix up your accessories so it's a different look every time. And can we talk about how Rachel wore it on an episode of Glee? Yes, yes we can. 


gap sweater/ny&co top/j.crew jeans/ll bean wellies/old navy necklace

I mean, just the fact that I have to plan at least two outfits a week around rain boots is kind of ridiculous, but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. Because of the weather, I opted to completely tie my hair back which I hate. Can we get personal for a moment? We all have things we don't like about ourselves, amirite ladies? We're supposed to be embracing ourselves, flaws and all, but I'm going to be real and say that you just have to emphasize your strong points. I have never liked wearing my hair totally pulled back because I just don't like the way my face looks without hair. I know, that's weird, right? A sock bun is one thing, because I think it's interesting enough to make you forget about any really distinct facial features. But a slicked back pony just ain't me, hence the addition of a braid. When I do feel like I look pretty, 3/4 of that prettiness seems to come from my hair. That's why I spend so much time on it and treat it nicely and buy it expensive products. But sometimes the skies open up and spending twenty minutes curling your hair to have it fall flat on your walk to work just isn't practical. 

I think we have one more week of outfits to wrap up before my selfie sabbatical. Thanks for putting up with some personal jibber jabber there in between nautical blazers and colored jeans. 



  1. I simply can't get enough of your wardrobe - I'm all about the nautical theme (even my room is decked out in it). Oh, and white clothing is totally acceptable after Easter!

    1. THANK YOU. And my room is nautical too! Well, it was. Now it's in boxes. But I'm hoping to recreate the them in my new place on Nantucket. Because if I didn't, well... that would just be silly.