Monday, June 10, 2013

You Better Work: Week Eleven

Week Eleven could also be referred to as Week Where-I-Was-Trying-Not-to-Lose-It-and-OMG-We're-Homeless-and-How-the-Hell-Can-I-Think-About-What-to-Wear-Right-Now?! I was also running out of ways to figure out how to take my daily mirror shots in a dark old house, resulting is some barely visible #OOTD pics. 


No outfit today, as it was Memorial Day and I was not at the office! Take that, former retail career! But for real, I actually was working that day. With Steve! We got the opportunity to work at one of the historic sites, and although it was one of our first Monday holidays off together, I couldn't let Steve miss the opportunity to do something historical and get paid for it. So we got to make a little extra money, hang out together, and it was the first time all weekend that it was actually beautiful weather! So everyone wins. Except my outfit, because I was dressed like a Best Buy sales person. 


j.crew blazer & striped shirt/banana republic skirt/target shoes/ebay necklace/vintage ring

I bought this necklace on eBay for a steal of $13. However, in one of my many recent moves, one of the stones popped out, as $13 necklaces tend to do. I finally got around to supergluing it back together and celebrated by wearing it with many other colors all in one outfit. This is a case of one of those times that I get an outfit idea stuck in my head the night before, and often I am crushed when it doesn't come out as I hoped the next day, but I'm happy with the results of this one. 


old navy wrap dress/vintage necklace/forever 21 ring & socks/ll bean wellies

Wednesday I was not having a good day. I don't remember the particular reason (probably didn't help that it was raining), but I just remember thinking to myself early on, "if this day gets any better, by the end of it I'll be ROLLING IN GLASS" (one of my most favorite Will & Grace quotes ever). But then a miraculous thing happened. In the breakroom at work, while furiously refilling my water glass, a coworker asked me if my Old Navy dress was from Diane von Furstenburg. As in DV mother effin-F. Instantly, I felt like my day had improved. Sure, she was probably just being friendly or maybe assumed that the lovely Ms. von Furstenberg owns the right to all wrap dresses (as she should), but talk about a simple statement that can suddenly make you feel so much better. It's like, "have you lost weight?!" or "did you just get your hair colored?" when actually it's been months since you've been to a hairdresser. Sometimes it's just the little things, you know?


h&m denim jacket/banana republic top/target dress/ny & co flats/j.crew bag/forever 21 necklace

You may recognize this super old Isaac Mizrahi dress from about a million events over the last five years. I'm obsessed with it, and most recently wore it on Easter with a pink fascinator, because you know, I'm fancy. But it wasn't until this day that I thought to wear it as a skirt. I remember it was really beautiful out that day, and as I was walking around downtown in the gorgeous weather and my flowy skirt, I was thinking about how great I felt (obviously a 180 from the day before). That was, until I had about four almost-Marilyn moments in the strong Nantucket breeze. I spent the rest of the afternoon trying to hold my skirt in between my legs as I walked. I guess we really can't have it all, huh?


h&m top & denim jacket/tj maxx pants/old navy flats/forever 21 collar necklace

My apologies for the worst #OOTD wrap up photo. In this particular house I was residing in at the time, my room was a horrible place to take photos. So I used to take my mirror downstairs to this little sunroom thing because it was nice and bright. However, other people occasionally stay at this house, and on any given days there are landscapers working outside, electricians coming in, and things of the sort. At this time, there were people downstairs and I was embarrassed at the thought of walking around, clutching my $5 Walmart mirror as I shamelessly attempted to take my own photo. I just couldn't do it. So I quickly snapped this in my room where the lighting was terrible and all of my earthly possessions had started to take over every inch, making it difficult to not look like someone from Hoarders.

Unfortunately, we're going to have to take a week off from #OOTD pics, as Week Twelve is nonexistent in the land of selfies. Things were just too crazy and it wouldn't have been anything worth blogging about anyway. Plus this whole thing is kind of superficial (I admit it) and when you have like actual serious stuff on your mind, the last thing you want to do is fake a smile in the mirror for yourself. 

Hope to see you again for Week Thirteen! 



  1. I really love your printed skirt with the bubble necklace! It's very flattering and the colors are great for Summer!

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for stopping by :)