Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm back...well, I will be. In a minute.

I have returned!

Unfortunately, I'm so uninspired right now that I am boring myself practically to sleep. Now maybe it's the Vicodin talking (no I am not getting in touch with my inner starlet- I had my wisdom teeth out on Thursday), but I am trying to pull myself out of my never-ending state of blah-ness, but it's just not happening. 

Like so many other projects I've begun and ultimately have been disappointed in, this is not what I had hoped for with this blog. I figured since it wasn't required and there were no due dates or deadlines, it would be something that I would be dying to work on. In my whimsical blogging daydream, I would bounce through the front door from another hectic day and sit down at my computer, amazingly refreshed at the thought of letting loose all of my gripping thoughts that had been swimming around in my head all day, just waiting for a creative outlet. 

Instead, I continued my disappointing but not surprising behavior- thinking about all the things I planned on doing without executing any of them. Between starting my new (sort of) grown up job (with benefits- what what?!) and moving into the apartment, certain things have fallen by the wayside. Hopefully someone out there is disappointed, but if not, it's okay- because no one is more disappointed than me.

So yeah, it's almost March. In spite of that, I am challenging myself follow some new resolutions. In case you can't tell, this is one of them. A big one. Because those celebutantes aren't going to mock themselves.

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