Friday, October 24, 2014

Linds-terest: Tricks & Treats

In an attempt to get back on the blogging bandwagon, I thought it time to start my own little series to inspire me to write even when there's no award shows or Kardashian divorces to comment on. I used to have my Mall Madness Monday posts, in which I would share my weekly favorites from traipsing through the runway of retail that was my former place of employment. But since I am no longer trapped within the confines of shopping plazas, I needed to find some other form of inspiration. 

So what do people do on Nantucket with nary a chain store or outlet in sight? Why, take to the internet, of course. I decided that I need to expand my horizons past just shopping, though, and do more of an overall round up of all my online favorites for the week (or two, whatever). I'm thinking of aiming around five or so, but it could be more or less depending on how easily influenced I am that particular week. 

So starting off with a bang, or should I say, a boo, since it's almost Halloween. But only a few of these things are bump in the night-worthy, and the rest? Just more of everything I cant get enough of. 

PS, the name came from my mom, who upon the discovery of the timesuck/craft shaming that is Pinterest, said that I should have thought of that myself and called it Linds-terest. And that's the reason why I'm not a millionaire. Cheers!

Anna Kendrick for Kate Spade 
I have long been under the impression that Anna Kendrick is a national treasure and deserves nothing less than having her face added to Mount Rushmore. Even if you don't think she's pretty (you're crazy) or you hate all her movies (blasphemous), I dare you to watch this 20 questions interview from the Kate Spade blog and not immediately fall in love with her. Also, she's the star of their holiday campaign, so yeah, I'm going to need everything.

The Most Fashionable Pumpkins Ever
Every year, I pin all these amazing photos of super crafty, no carving needed pumpkins, and they NEVER happen. In 2013, I was all about glittery chevron. Seemed totally attainable. I even bought ten miniature gourds that sat on my shelf for so long that they dried themselves out and basically became maracas. So when I stumbled upon these last week, I was sold. And by sold, I mean I admired them and thought about making them and put no real effort into any of it. I mean, pumpkins inspired by all the major players in the fashion industry? As Rachel Zoe would say, I die. While I love them all, pumpkin Karl Lagerfeld is my favorite. I only wish there was an accompanying model of his cat

via domaine

"I Know I'm Not the Only One" by Sam Smith
Besides projecting a sound that can only be described as baby angels crying tears of joy, Sam Smith's other greatest contribution to the world right now is this beautiful but soul-crushing music video. Since I like to know the kids are into these days, I do watch the MTV music video channel (it exists, but only in the 200s on Comcast) while I get ready in the morning and that's where I discovered this gem. It stars Dianna Agron from Glee looking as flawless as ever as a neglected housewife, and the hot yet approachable Chris Messina from The Mindy Project as her philandering significant other (who I would hate, but then I remember that it's really difficult for him to contain his hotness). I feel so many emotions when I watch this - pain, heartbreak, empathy, anger, but most of all, I just really need the tutorial for her eye makeup. 

In the Heart of the Sea Trailer
Shameless plug: I spent an exhausting but incredibly exciting two days this month working with Warner Brothers for a two-day long lead press event at the museum that I work at. I KNOW. It took every fiber of my being not to Tweet, Instagram, skywrite or use whatever other form of communication available that I could find and tell the world about this before it was happening. Instead, I just had to let it eat away at my insides that the likes of Chris Hemsworth and Ron Howard were going to be walking around on the same stretch of land that I live on, traveling the same halls that I do everyday, etc. Since they have long come and gone, I can not only breathe, but acknowledge that this in fact actually happened and I was a part of it. So when the trailer came out shortly after, I watched it forty-seven times and sent it everyone I know. It won't be in theaters until March 2015, so you have time to not only read Nat Philbrick's amazing book that it's based on, but you could probably even get through Moby-Dick too (which was inspired by these true events, all from our little elbow of sand). Be sure to check out the official Facebook page, where they will be posting all kinds of tid-bits prior to the film's release, including some promos shot at my work (featuring our authentic whaleboat)!

Oscar de la Renta Slideshow on Style Me Pretty
The fashion world lost an icon earlier this week with the passing of Oscar de la Renta, a true artist who was known for everything from award show wear to beautiful bridal gowns. So of course, the wedding bible that is Style Me Pretty put together a beautiful online gallery of some of his greatest nuptial works, from trendy to traditional. Me? I'm always partial to a large bow. 

via style me pretty

That's it for the first installment. Not sure exactly when my next post will be, but I'll be on the prowling the web this week in search of new finds (and I mean that in the least To Catch a Predator way possible).


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