Saturday, December 14, 2013

This Is My Grown Up Christmas List Pt. 2

Yesterday I posted the first half of my Christmas wish list. Again, I'll reiterate that I do not need nor expect a zillion presents under my tree, however, I keep getting asked what I want by extended family members, so I figured, why not make a list? I mean, isn't that what most bloggers do three to five times a week anyway and disguise it as "currently crushing" or whatever the hell we are calling it now? (No judgement, after all, one of my favorite days of the week is Friday's Fancies.) 

Not to mention, I had to continue my photo collage list tradition for my mother. She seemed sad when I told her that she could just look at my Pinterest board for inspiration.

I'm all for organization, except for when it comes to like, bills or shoes or whatever. So the theme of yesterday's list was clothes/makeup/jewelry/general girlyness. Today we're going to with books, DVD's, decor, etc.

Nautical office supplies- I have been making small attempts to decorate my first ever solo cubicle with nautical elements. My mom was awesome and actually got me a few of the things I pinned for my birthday, but there are a few other adorable pieces that I would love for my desk. Such as...

A nautical letter opener- I can't explain it, but I have always wanted a nice letter opener. I just think they scream, "I am a totally pulled together adult who efficiently and stylishly opens all the very important grown-up mail that I receive with just a flick of the wrist." A little oceanic doodad would only sweeten the pot.

Assorted whaley things (that are also semi practical)- I may have mentioned before that I work at a whaling museum, specifically focusing on sperm whales. And how cute is this stapler and tissue box?! I think they would be perfect additions to my existing red, white and blue accents. Also I have the ugliest stapler in the world currently and it bends all of my staples in half. (It's a non-profit, we aren't just like, swimming in an excess of fancy staplers.) Steve is offended by the price of the tissue box and claims he could make me one instead, but I feel like the chances of that happening in this lifetime are slim to none (not because he's not talented, just because he's like too busy cooking me dinner and cutting down Christmas trees and stuff).

A chic business card holder- I realize this serves no actual purpose, but this is another thing that I thing makes it you look profesh. It's like yes, I have business cards, and oh, would you like one? How convenient, they're right here. Mine are currently still in the box in my desk. I always love a good monogram but I'd also be happy with just an interesting "thing" that falls into the nautical color scheme.

Decorative folders- Manila folders make me want to die at work. I have one of those holders on my desk so they are always exposed, and every time I look at them, I get the sads. I have been looking all over the place for fun, nautically patterned folders and I am just convinced they do not exist. So even just to get different patterns in red, white and blue would make me so happy.

Kate Spade pencils- I KNOW THESE ARE NOT PRACTICAL AND EXPENSIVE AND THEY ARE PENCILS but I don't know why, I just want them.

CD's... did you know they still make CD's?!- Not sure why, but I still enjoy popping a good CD in the car and cranking the volume up to twelve. I also like monetarily supporting artists that I actually believe in. There's a few new releases that I've been eyeing these days:

               Ever since The Sing-Off came back, all I can think about is how much I nerdily love acapella music. I am mildly obsessed with Pentatonix and when Steve told me they have a Christmas album, I was sold.
               I watched Kelly Clarkson's Christmas special the other night, and not only do I want to be her and wear twenty different dresses in one very specific shade of red, but I want this album. I need this album. Of course, I probably won't get it before Christmas (can you even buy CD's on this island?!) but I have a feeling it doesn't matter. I'll be wanting to be wrapped in red long after the holidays. 
               I am honestly still confused if Lea Michele's actual album is coming out prior to Christmas, or just the single. I mean, she tweets about it every hour, but I still can't figure it out. Whatever. I gotta support my girl no matter what. Especially when Glee is giving me an ulcer right now.
               When "Teenage Dream" came out, I was resistant to buy an entire CD just because I liked one song. Katy Perry ended up having like, seven #1 hits from that album. And now, I'm loving "Roar," but I also have enjoyed some of the other songs I've heard from "Prism" on iTunes radio.
               I don't know what it is, but I just can't get enough of my girl Britney. Oh wait, I do know what it is. SHE'S AMAZING. I've loved her last two albums and I desperately hope for the same for this one. If tickets showed up under my tree to go see her show in Vegas I wouldn't be upset about it, I'm just saying.

Kate Spade's 20th anniversary book- I thumb through this book every time I see it in a store. It's literally all the things I love in one gorgeous little package. 

Bethenny Frankel's latest book- Listen, I know our girl Bethenny has had some rough times lately. But I like her and her no-nonsense advice. And I like her booze. That's reason enough for me. 

Hyperbole and a Half- I have never heard of this book, this blog, or this girl before. But I've been reading a lot about this new book and I think it sounds really interesting. A witty blogger who has also struggled with depression? Color me intrigued. 

Romy & Michele's High School Reunion- The only reason this is on the list is because I used to have it on VHS, it was borrowed by a friend and never given back (to be fair, he refused to return it because I never gave him back his copy of Center Stage...ah, high school). I searched high and low for it the day before my 10th reunion, and I couldn't find it anywhere, not even a used copy! I realized I needed to get this one back in the collection.

The Great Gatsby- Probably the only film I saw this year that I really want to own. I just loved the mixture of the costumes, the music, the visual effects, everything.

Glee Season Four- I know that things have been iffy lately on my favorite program, but I just can't give up on these guys. I have the previous three seasons on DVD and just feel like I have to keep going. Plus I love all the extras. 

So there we have it. The 2013 Christmas Listapalooza. What are you asking for this year? Is your family as crazy as mine about visuals to accompany a written list? Or are you like, this is crazy, it's 2013 and people are just giving each other money and/or virtual gifts?



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  2. Hahaha I totally keep trying to hint that my boyfriend just look at my Pinterest boards for gift ideas :) LOVE your picks, I hope you do get that Kate Spade book-- it is too fun!