Monday, July 22, 2013

Nantucket the Beautiful Pt. 2

So when we last left our Fourth of July recap, I had just had my dreams dashed with the cancellation of the fireworks. Although I was completely bummed out, there was no time to dwell on such things, as my sister Becky and her boyfriend Freddie were set to arrive the next day! Also, Steve and I both had to work on Friday, so we returned to the real world while Alisa and Rocky set off for the beach. 

I was going about my regular work day when I was shocked to see my photo on Nantucket BlACKbook. Well, not like, totally shocked, because Holly had sent me her style survey to fill out. But still shocked, nonetheless because I had no idea when it would run, if at all.

island infamy.

So needless to say, that was my greatest accomplishment that day. 

My sister and her boyfriend Fred arrived that afternoon, and after I was finished with work, we all met up for dinner. Unfortunately, in doing so we kind of missed out on the rescheduled fireworks. Correction: I saw one single firework while we were waiting in line for ice cream.

oh say can you see.

Yes, we had ice cream everyday. IT'S THE FOURTH OF JULY.

The next day was Saturday, so I finally got to go to the beach- YAY! But Steve still had to work- BOO. Regardless, we all packed up our beach essentials and headed to Surfside. 

you have yours, i have mine.

The beach was amazing. If you can believe it, it was the first time I had gone and sat on the beach since I moved to Nantucket.

Unfortunately, it was also the first time I got severely and horribly sunburnt. Apparently, event the strongest SPF needs to be applied immediately after getting out of the water. Needless to say, there were a lot of references to Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire." Because that's what I was for the rest of the weekend. 

Since we clearly needed some cooling off, our next stop was Cisco Brewery. Even though there was what seemed like 40,000 people there, somehow I managed to snag us a shady seat where we spent our afternoon sampling an array of delicious beverages.

just a couple of f yeahs & madaket mules.

and peach wine, for the lady.

I appreciated that even Cisco showed some patriotic spirit. 

accessories are important.

The rest of the night was pretty relaxed, as most of us were sporting some serious sunburns and aimed to move as little as possible. Steve made us a delicious pressure cooker meal and we dined like kings around our Ikea coffee table. 

But with everyone leaving the next day, we couldn't resist going out... for ice cream. Yes, one last time. And of course, we couldn't resist a photo op with a reminder of our PSU days:

what's a few hundred miles?

Finally, it was time to head home and come to terms with the fact that that holiday was almost over and everyone would be leaving us, which was really hard, because it was the first time that we had had any friends visit since we've been on Nantucket. 

Before seeing everyone off to their boat back to America, we took a quick stroll around downtown to make sure that everyone got their full island experience. Which obviously meant souvenir shopping.

meet nantucket's newest rap duo.

I also took all the ladies to one of my favorite stores downtown, C. Wonder. I love this place, not only for all the nautical items and brightly colored baubles, but also, free candy.

i'll just have a few sweet tarts for the road.

Unfortunately, my sister's most favorite item in the store is not for sale:

her pageant talent may or may not be balloon animal-making.

As we approached the Hy-Line docks, we realized that my sister and I never took a picture together. Not one, the whole weekend! That needed to be amended real quick.

like my granny cardigan? it's to keep my flesh from burning.

We finally said goodbye and prepared to return to our normal lives, sans four house guests and boozy fruit. 

But it was still the weekend, and after seeing a posting about it on Facebook, we headed to Sconset for a free event from Theatre Workshop Nantucket with Tom Meehan. Why who is Tom Meehan, you say? This guy:

who doesn't love a man in a seersucker suit?

Don't recognize him? You probably wouldn't. But you know his words, as this is the guy that wrote only my favorite musical of all time, Annie. He also wrote Hairspray, The Producers, Young Frankenstein, Elf the Musical, and even the new Rocky musical that is currently showing in Germany (opening in the U.S. March 2014!). He's a summer resident in 'Sconset and it was so inspiring to listen to him talk about his work (he's simultaneously writing four shows right now) and writing (he's 83 and he spends hours each day just doing what he loves) and even though it was like 95 degrees in that chapel, I clung to every word. 

and yes, that is blair waldorf's dad conducting the interview.

These are the types of things that makes me love this place. On any given night in the summer, there are at least six events going on like this (and some of them are even free!). 

Did I mention I love 'Sconset?

got my church on.

After that, I kind of thought that our weekend was over. Until this happened:


What can I say? I can't resist an evening of belting out some solid lady-pop songs. 

this time i'm not leavin' without you.

Was that the longest four-day recap in the history of recaps? I almost never do these, because unlike all my blogger friends, I can never seem to write up a recap in an appropriate amount of time. Hence why it is now almost August and I'm just finishing up what happened on the Fourth of July. But I just couldn't resist after such a fun-filled weekend sharing some of the amazing-ness that had ensued. I may have exhausted the amount of fun I'm allowed to have in a short time period, but I'm okay with it. And I'm definitely okay with not getting sunburnt ever again. 



  1. Congrats on the feature! And I love that Lilly coozi :)


    1. Thank you so much! I was pretty excited :)

      And the Lilly coozi was a gift when I announced my move to Nantucket. I was told I could not step foot on the island without owning any Lilly swag.


  2. Ugh so so fun, take me backkkk! Cisco Brewery is such a great spot for hanging out + drinking, and love that you did some C.Wonder shopping! Dying to get to 'sconset next time I'm on the island :) And congrats on that feature!!
    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

    1. Cisco is officially my go-to for any guests that visit the island! Let me know if you make your way over again and we'll have to meet up! And C. Wonder is kind of my new obsession... I was starstruck when I saw they Pinned one of your photos!