Friday, March 23, 2012

Don't You Wanna See These Clothes On Me?

My blogger brain is on overload right now, because I am currently preparing for the Blog Better Boston conference on Saturday and I'm so excited/nervous/unhinged right now that I can barely function. I have spent the better part of this last month getting psyched up for this event, topped off by frantically completing every possible thing I could today since it was my last day off prior to the conference. Homemade blog business cards have been cut, my ticket is printed and I did an extra pore strip to ensure I look my best for Saturday.

Of course, none of this compares in importance to the most critical piece of this whole thing, what I will be wearing. I know, I know. Isn't it more important to focus on what you'll be learning at the conference? What workshops and panel discussions you will be a part of? The potential blogger friends you (hope to) make? Yes, of course, those are all things that I am very excited about. But ever since February when I purchased my ticket, my brain has been consumed with finding just the right ensemble to represent myself and Lindsay's Look to the Boston blogging community. And dammit, you know all those fashion bloggers are going to be there looking something fierce. I'm no fashion blogger, but I like to think I can put together an outfit.

Only I can't. Correction: I used to be able to and now I'm stuck. Isn't that always the way? Every morning, when I get ready for work and pull out another all black ensemble, I woefully glance at all my "fun" clothes, i.e. everything else I own. There are patterns and textures and open toed shoes! When I glance around my very underused wardrobe, I put pieces together in my head and think about the next time I could have a chance to wear it. And like clockwork, the day I actually do have somewhere to go that is not work related, I can't think of a damn thing to put on that isn't... black. Because I literally forgot how to get dressed.

So I figured tonight I would go through my closets (yes, plural) and put together a couple things and then decide on the best option, assuming it would take about an hour. Cut to two and a half hours later, and all I have is messy room and a sleepy husband, who keeps reminding me that although I "can't think of anything to wear," I cannot "buy something" due to lack of inspiration.

I figured why not ask the source directly- what do you think I should wear? I have spent a large portion of my day going through my favorite fashion blog posts searching for inspiration. Fortunately for all of you, I coerced my husband to take pictures of my potential outfits during intermissions and timeouts during the Bruins game. Let the judging commence.

Sidenote: There is a reason I am NOT a fashion blogger. Okay, there are many reasons. One of which is that I always decide to take pictures of my outfits at 11:00 pm and I always take them inside (because it's 11:00 pm, duh). In my tiny apartment, the area in front of the door is really the only suitable spot without furniture, tchoskys and black and gold memorabilia. And yes, there are always going to be shoes or some other form of unnecessary crap in the background. You're lucky that Steve managed some trick photography to hide the trash that was to my right. Also, because it is so late when I finally get around to taking these pictures, I am never wearing makeup nor is my hair done as if I were actually to leave the house. As a result, I have the world's darkest under eye circles you ever did see. So we're going to focus on the clothes and not the scariness that is happening just north of my neck. I did my best in the editing phase to take out all of the qualities that would frighten a small child, but apparently the "Retouch" button on iPhoto is not the same thing as an "Instant Concealer" button that I had hoped for. Lastly, I was being so crazy about the clothes, there was really no time to pick out specific accessories for each look. As soon as I have a definite winner, I will definitely add some banging accessories, since they're kind of my thing.

So without further adieu... I give you... some outfits. Be kind. But honest. But not too honest.

left: dress, ann taylor loft; belt: ny&co
right: skirt, forever 21; top: express

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a slight obsession with all thing nautical. If you need proof, take a look at my bedroom. Red, white and blue pieces are literally my favorite clothes to buy, because they never go out of style and they always look good together. I decided to add a pink neon belt to the polka dot skirt just to mix it up a little bit. I don't always need to look like Uncle Sam, you know.

I should preface this by saying that the dress for the event is being described as "casual." That doesn't give me a whole lot to work with, but I would always rather be overdressed than underdressed, especially in a room full of bloggers. Also, my trusty iPhone weather is telling me that it's going to be 60 degrees on Saturday. After being in the mid to late 70's all week, of course it's going to be cloudy and slightly chillier on Saturday. So some of these skirt ideas may not end up happening. But I love wearing dresses and skirts, so I couldn't leave them out of the fashion montage I had going in on here a few hours ago (which fyi, seems MUCH simpler in movies).

left: pants, gap; top, ny&co; blazer, jc penney
right: jeans, forever 21; top, banana; sweater, gap

So these two looks are definitely embracing the "casual" concept a little more, especially the one on the right, because let's face it- I'm wearing boat shoes. I really like the look on the left, but I'm thinking maybe it would look better with white skinny jeans instead of capris. Must... not... buy... anything...

left: jeans, forever 21; cardigan, ny&co; top, express
right: skirt, ?; cardigan, ny&co; top, banana

If there's one things I've learned from all the fashion blogs I read daily, it's that neon is in. But you can't be crazy looking like an 80's hooker or something, you have to be strategic and use your neon sparingly for maximum effectiveness. The look on the left is definitely my favorite of the two. I always forget I have this cardigan because I hardly ever get to wear it, but whenever I do, it makes me happy. I threw the pink belt on again to show that I don't mess around. I can totally mix neons- what of it?! The look on the right looks like someone going to work, or what I imagine someone who has the freedom to choose what they want to wear to work looks like. Also I pretty much wear those black flats everyday and I was hoping to stay away from black as much as possible for Saturday.

left: pants, gap; top, old navy
right: jeans, forever 21; t shirt, j crew; jacket, forever 21

I know, more neon. I just can't help it. Neon is fun to wear, and I'm fun and I feel like we just go together. Again, the look on the left I feel like I would prefer with white jeans instead of the capris, only because it's still March and all. I can just hear my mom in the back of my head reminding me that it's not even Easter yet. And yes, that is the same belt in neon yellow. What can I say?! The set of two was $6.99, and you know that I don't like to spend too much on anything "trendy" because let's face it- how long are we going to be sporting neon belts, exactly? Also, I know I said no black, but that jacket with the pearls is one of my favorite things in my wardrobe. I love dressing it up and dressing it down, which I did with this amazing neon tee that I'm also a little obsessed with (even if it does STAIN MY BRA every time I wear it- thanks J. Crew). I think this is a good look that says slightly professional but still fun, which in my head is what I am.

left: jeans, forever 21; top, limited; cardigan, ann taylor
right: jeans, forever 21; sweater, banana; jacket, banana

Along with "casual," conference attendees were specifically told to wear comfortable shoes, because the reception afterwards is a bar that is walking distance but not like, next door. But holy hell, what a difference a heel makes. I'm wearing the exact same pair of jeans in both pictures, and yet I look ten pounds heavier in the picture on the right. It may seem like this cardigan with a belt is a go to thing for me, and well, it is. No matter what size you are (or what you appear to be- see photo on the right) if you accent your waist, you are always going to be showing off the smallest part of your body. I'm thinking I'm just going to bring one of my bag lady purses and throw a pair of flats in for the end of the day.

left: jeans, forever 21; top, old navy; blazer, banana
right: jeans, forever 21, top, banana; cardigan, ann taylor

I feel like all the fashion bloggers I like are always raving about leopard and stripes together. When I see it on them, I don't get it. Then I tried it myself and I'm like omg, this is really fun! It's like they were made for each other! Like me and belts, apparently, because there's another one on the right. Oh, and my red-orange cardigan. I love that thing. It's the perfect weight and an unexpected color. In this look I was also channeling my inner fashion blogger by trying to mix different colors that I never would have before. Thinking outside the box here, people.

So that's what I put together for now. What do you think? Is there one that really stands out, or are they all duds? And yes, I have infinitely more clothes than this, but my brain literally could not handle one more outfit.

Despite this very stressful fitting I've subjected myself to, I'm so so SO excited for Blog Better Boston. I will be sure to come back with lots of exciting tips to hopefully help make this blog even more awesome. And hopefully, I'll have a new blog friend or two. And maybe, just maybe, they'll want to borrow my outfit.


  1. I'm going with photo 8 or 9. Btw, you are too cute!

  2. Lindsay, you have so much great outfits! I wish I had these clothes! Also, you look uber cute in just about all of them. I'd say my favorites are 3 and 9!

  3. Lindsay, The reason you stated that you were NOT a fashion blogger is exactly the reason I chose to start a style blog! I wasn't wearing my closet, and found it a struggle to put together looks that I actually liked!

    I am going to BBOS tomorrow, and can't wait to see which look you choose :) (all are ADORABLE)

    I am also FREAKING out about what to wear!


  4. Pics 5, 9, and 12 are my favorites... Fun and fashionable without being too fancy or too "business casual." The pops of color are fabulous, too. (And I'm fully aware of the fact that I picked them because cardigans with a belted waist are my go-to look, too. How can you go wrong?!)

  5. The last three looks are my favorite. They are all chic and springy and have something a little unexpected about them. I really love that cream Banana jacket with the bright flats. Totally get you on trying to find the right outfit for tomorrow! Hope to see you there.


  6. 9 and 12 are definitely my favorites! I'm wearing a bright blue pencil skirt, with a more casual blue button down (both JCrew factory store) with camel flats and a belt! I'm definitely no fashion blogger either and took forever deciding what to wear!

    Can't wait to meet you tomorrow - I'll be sure to look for you!

  7. I love your outfit choices! My picks would be 2, 5 and 7...but any one would look great on you! I won't be at the conference, but I hope to meet you at the April 4th Meet and Greet.

  8. Hello! I'm also attending Blog Better Boston and can't wait. This is my first time reading your blog so I don't feel entirely comfortable giving advice but you did ask so I would suggest: Outfit #3 with the shoes from #11.

    See you Saturday,

  9. Wow, thanks everyone for the input! Between here and Facebook, it sounds like everyone has a different favorite. I CAN'T DECIDE! Looks like I'll have to see how I feel when I wake up tomorrow...

    Can't wait to meet you all as well!


  10. I really like the third picture: white capris, black blazer, buuut i think you should add black pumps instead!

  11. Oh my goodness I truly love all of your outfits!

  12. I think your final choice was stellar! I loved the yellow sweater. Please come down to Portsmouth soon!Umm..we can go shopping?